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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Cat and Pig make oatmeal cookies. Digital phone drawing, 4/30/19, -CK

Oatmeal cookies, and raisins day

A 3 ingredient oatmeal cookie recipe of oats, bananas, raisins. I haven't tried their recipe, but if you like banana bread this could work for you.

This oatmeal cookie thing - I'm wondering if I can do a stovetop version using smashed or cooked cranberries instead of bananas!
Honey or sugar as sweetener and 'glue'.

Sugar needs to be liquified or it won't hold oats together

Several days later - one stovetop cookie! So far it is holding up. I don't dare lift it to see if it's burned. I think it's ok. Mixed the ingredients last night. They were to be for a muesli breakfast with yogurt, but that looked off. Shaped the mixture into a patty and cooked on parchment paper in dry cast iron fry pan on the stovetop. The doily is cut from the spot the cookie baked on. I tasted a wee nibble. Oh look, it's a heart!

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