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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Ice cream, food booths, rides, petting zoos, carousels - some of the many rides and activities to explore in a visit to the country fair. In this case - drawing on paper.

The drawings could lay out accordion book or banner style, and, they can form into a compact rectangular wall hanging. 

Download my coloring pages from my CKNotes of August kids’ coloring pages w several country fair scenes from 2014 I think:

Monday, August 26, 2019

Lobster Boats passing Marshall Point light on their way home. Student display, adult art class, 8/26/19

We started with several exercises working from my reference photos. A) Continuous line drawings to practice flowing line. B) A silhouette or stencil style drawing of a lobsterboat. C) draw a scene using any of the reference materials.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Sailboat passing Rockland Breakwater lighthouse - student display, adult art class, 8/19/19

Students did some torn paper and negative space exercises before tackling the reference model. This is a little painting I did years ago. Sketching sailboats racing can only be done quickly in real time. I painted in my little drawing the next day.

Back then I had no camera that could see so far out. I could only see through binoculars. My phone camera still can't see that far out. One must draw moving objects quickly and make up the rest.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Attempting to export video from my google pics or someewhere to YouTube

I think this is a little video of students art of a winter scene we worked with. I'm testing why I could not export the vid I wanted. Seems it was not exporting because the file is too big at 2 gb. I had the option to download it but google drive warned that it was too big for them to scan for viruses, this vid seems to be exporting. We'll see. I'll have to break up the other one, or something.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Maine Birds - children’s art class display, adults and kids, 8/20/19

Yearly visitors who have come to class since it started in 2007 came today. Always such true magic to see youngsters change year by year. Faith in the future for all gets showered on me, like the fairy dust in Peter Pan, when this family visits.

We went through four sets of drawings with so many Maine birds to draw: Owls, blue jays, eagles, loons, puffins, chickadees, cardinals, cormorants, hawks, hummingbirds, herons, pelicans, egrets.

Here is a demo drawing from years ago. You can use it as a coloring page.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Rockland Breakwater lighthouse - student display adult art class, 8/12/19

We started exercises with drawing the image in continuous line. Keep your drawing tool in constant contact with the paper. Backtrack if you must.

Next we drew the image stencil style using a dark crayon. Color in to an imaginary outline. Separate the areas and shapes by keeping white channels.

Final drawings we made, again from my ancient instamatic photo of the lighthouse taken on a ferry ride to North Haven quite a few years ago.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Walk around the corner - some flowers, the brook, puddles - 8/16/19

Camera/phone ran out of space again. Lots of flowers I would have loved to take pics of. That will perhaps give the incentive to do this again.

First there were these puddles on the sidewalk. Of course - we did have a good short rain this morning...

There were some lovely patches of clover - the kind that tastes good. And some oak leaves knocked down. I hope it is too soon for color change.

Then there was the brook. I have not looked at that for a few years.

And a magenta flox type flower, with a lovely stone wall in the background. 

On my return home i stopped at a brush pile and took a spray of curling dead leaves. I may try to draw later.

The cat greeted me when I got home. The mosquitos were after us already so we did not sit

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Maine farming - Belted Galloway cows and blueberry rakers. Kids art class, 8/13/19

Student display of drawings by kids and adults. We do a follow-along drawing, and then students color their drawings.

Maine blueberries are the small tart kind and coming in to peak harvest now. People buy lots of them just to pack into their freezers.

Belted Galloway cows are also called 'Oreo cookie' cows because their markings are like the cookie. Why not 'Whoopie pie' cows?

Download a PDF of 4 little Maine Farming drawings to color from previous demo's
Download a PDF of 4 little Maine Farming demo drawings to color.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Marshall Point Light - student art display, adult art class, 8/5/19

We started with practices in drawing some of the components that make up this lighthouse scene.

A top hat or pork pie hat and a ski cap type shapes form the lantern part of the tower.

Long triangles - (obtuse I think), get progressively longer because of perspective.

We drew them by coloring in their imaginary outlines.

After practicing, class drew from my follow along demo. They also had  reference art to work from too - the newspaper clip of my painting.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Wildflowers, daisies... coastal landscapes, adult art class, 7/29/19

We started the daisies lesson with a series of exercises creating disks in various positions to convey a conceptual flower head placement in space. We colored the background areas without using outlines, coloring up to imaginary outlines - working with the negative space to create daisies.

In final drawings, students invented scenes and used some of the daisy exercises on a smaller scale to evoke the flowers' movement through space.