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Friday, April 28, 2017

Tulips, Peepers, Baby Animals - student art, both kids' and adult drawing classes, 4/24/17 & 4/25/17

We had to make up our tulips for the tulip art projects, hence the schematic construction approach. We did some practice follow along exercises, working from simple to complex. Then we did a freehand full sheet papercut to use as a stencil. Lots of ways to use the stencil then. Color a background sheet. Trace the stencil on another sheet. Color in the drawing. Or, color in the actual stencil on a blank sheet. Once finished using the stencil, attach it to the dark background sheet as a piece itself. I think we also did a large drawing of just coloring in the negative shapes working freehand without outline, using one of the practice exercises as the reference.

Kids' class we started with April's spring peepers as the first subject. For the baby animals subject we chose kittens and bunnies, working from illustrations by Garth Williams in the Little Golden Book My First Counting Book, by Lillian Moore.


Friday, April 21, 2017

May Children's Drawing Program at Rockland Library with Catinka Knoth, 2017

Press Release:

"Let's Draw Marvelous May!" - Children's
Drawing Workshops at Rockland Public Library, with Catinka Knoth, 2017

Rockland - Children will draw May flowers and May baskets, Mother's Day cards, marsh life, Memorial Day themes, and migratory birds  at this month's children's drawing classes led by Catinka Knoth at Rockland Public Library.

Wendy and Keith Wellin sponsor the ongoing free workshops, geared for age 6
and up, (including the young at heart).  Children age 10 and under need adult accompaniment. Knoth expects participants to work independently for the most part. The workshops provide all materials. Classes meet every
Tuesday, 4-5 pm., Community Room, Rockland Public Library, 80 Union
St. Friends of Rockland Library host. FMI - Jean Young,
children's librarian, 594-0310.

May is also American Wetlands Month. Children will explore marsh and
wetland habitats by drawing such animals as egrets, frogs, and beavers.
International Migratory Birds Day, another May celebration, gives the opportunity to draw Spring warblers and other migratory birds. Knoth leads
attendees in step-by-step drawing instruction for the day's theme. Class also works with papercutting. She encourages adults to participate and discover that drawing is for everyone.

5/02 May flowers, May baskets
5/09 Mother's day cards
5/16 Marsh & wetlands life
5/23 Memorial day
5/30 Migratory birds

Demonstration drawings by Catinka Knoth

May Adult Art Workshops with Catinka Knoth at Rockland Public Library, 2017

Press Release:

May Themes Art Workshops for Adults at Rockland Public Library, with Catinka Knoth, 2017

Rockland - Local artist Catinka Knoth will lead  workshops on creating
art for May themes such as American Wetlands Month and International
Migratory Birds Day, at Rockland Public Library. Classes meet 11 a.m.  Mondays, in the Community Room, Rockland Public Library, 80 Union St. Led by Knoth, participants create their own art. Knoth provides the classes free of charge, with materials supplied. Friends of Rockland Library host the workshops. FMI Knoth at 691-5544 or Rockland Library at 594-0310.

Each week is a different subject.
5/01    May flowers and baskets
5/08    Frogs, lily ponds, herons, & egrets
5/15    Migratory birds and warblers
5/22    Memorial Day themes
5/29    Library closed for Memorial Day

Knoth provides instruction and guidance in drawing and creating the
May themes. Each week class explores a different subject. Participants
work with pencil, colored pencil, crayon, and sometimes with scissors and collage, with a focus on drawing in color.

Knoth paints watercolors of Maine and whimsical animal scenes, which
she offers as cards and prints. Knoth also teaches a free weekly children's drawing class, sponsored by Wendy and Keith Wellin, at Rockland Public Library. For more information about Knoth's work visit

Attachments: art by Catinka Knoth, (photos by Knoth)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Koi (carp) kites for Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, 2017, class art 4/17/17

We made paper koi kites in kids' drawing class. The Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC is probably over by now, their cherry trees have probably dropped all their petals. In Maine our crocuses have only just 'gone by'. I did see forsythia out on the way to the library for class.

My whiteboard drawing demo shows the basic design idea. Fold a rectangular sheet of paper, (copy paper), in half the long way. fold the long open sides over twice, about 1/4" each time, as if you are rolling up but crease well along the folds. This helps the paper stay fastened together somewhat. Then fold in the mouth end edge about 1/4" all around - like you would do with a paper bag you want to use for garbage, (but you fold the edge in, not out.)

After you have decorated both sides of the fish, cut a little slit in the belly across the folded 'seam', about 1/2". You will stick your 'stick' up through so you can have your koi fish on a stick. I made colored paper sticks out of long 1/4 sheet strips of the copy paper by folding them over several times the long way. They need to be creased well. They won't lie flat but with that many well creased foldovers they become quite stiff. At one end bend a portion over to form the shape of a T pin. You will insert that part in the slit. The T head needs to be longer than the slit and turned a bit at an angle to the slit. That keeps it closed inside the kite.

 Open the koi at the mouth so that it  has a tubular form rather than being flat.

Make more koi kites and experiment with other ways to fasten sticks and strings to it. They can be fastened by strings at the mouth to a stick.


Happy Birthday cat and cake ll, smaller size

Smaller size for new birthday video

Happy Birthday cat and cake.

Starting drawings for new birthday greetings video!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bunnies visit after Easter -- stick papercut puppet paper theatre improv

Happy Easter! A recent Easter bunnies and eggs demonstration drawing colored.

The drawing from one of my recent youtube video demonstrations here colored in, using stylus on a tablet. Next maybe would be to print out the drawing and use physical pigments. The drawing demo is as live as it gets! I drew on transparent plastic so that the drawing action would show.

Tulip bouquet line drawing demos video

.... Wow - I can share this right to my blog via the sharer, and I can choose which blog it goes to. I have been doing it by getting the code and embedding it. Turns out this is a sharer option that apparently puts it right into a blog post.

No, it did not work! I had to go back for the embed code and put it in by hand. ...That is not working either now?

I took a pics  of the  drawings with the laptop cam.  Low-res it seems. Sent them up to convert to high contrast. This is the crayon drawing. The brush drawing did not convert well because of the varied tones. At this size though it is too small to be a decent coloring page. I'll have to take a pic by other means. (I hate dealing with the scanner. So much easier to just take a pic. But then there are all those uneven lighting problems. All used to be handled by a handy online whiteboard conversion app. It no longer exists. I have been searching, futily so far, for a decent replacement.

The laptop camera takes the pic wrong reading - hence the backward date. Wonder if google/blogger will reverse it on upload?