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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Easter eggs pysanki coloring page

 Spring is coming:

Meteorological spring March 1.

Astronomical spring March 20.

Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday March 21

Easter April 4

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Black history month portrait drawings - Muhammad Ali and Harriet Tubman

Black history month portrait drawings - Muhammad Ali and Harriet Tubman. Do a search for subjects and start drawing portraits. They may or may not work out, but it will be good practice. An informative caption or blurb would be good too. 

This image of champion boxer Muhammad Ali  drawn from a photo I remember as being around the time he still went by Cassius Clay Jr, and perhaps just when he was drafted to  the army.  In 1964 he changed his name, as he had become a Muslim.

He was a conscientious  objector against the Viet Nam war, and was sentenced  to prison for refusing the draft. He managed to stay out of prison but was stripped of the heavyweight title, which he had won from Sonny Liston, and was not allowed to fight for the five years of his sentence. He won the title back, when he fought Joe Frazier and went on to win a third world heavyweight championship when he fought George Foreman. . The only boxer to win three world heavyweight championships in a row.

Harriet Tubman was a slave and abolitionist. She escaped to the North and freedom when she learned she was to be sold, (thereby being separated from her family). She went on to lead over 300 people to safety via the Underground Railroad. She was a nurse and a spy for the Union during the Civil War. After the war she continued the hard work of providing refuge for those who had nothing when they came to the North.

I did these drawings digitally - ipencil on iPad. The Muhammad Ali drawing was also screencast. If I ever get that edited, I’ll post that. Right now I’m just glad to have drawn it. I don’t even think it’s that recognizable. What a handsome man he was. Harriet Tubman so fierce and direct.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Floating books and hearts - Sip N sketch session number 45, 2/19/21

Sip N sketch session number 45, 2/19/21

Remembered images – In no special order yet .

  1. Egg balanced on the spiral piece of paper or something yellow background
  2. Spiral staircase in white
  3. Flower maybe an orchid 
  4. Man walking to the horizon picking his way through a stone path, with floating frames or rectangles 
  5. A boy looking at a book or something with floating books  and sheets of paper all around him
  6. Woman in full splashing gown of Delft patterns in the foreground, with a lighthouse and Coastal scene in the background
  7. Open mouth filling in the whole frame seeing thru to a scene of the Taj Mahal in the back of the palate of the mouth.
  8. Baby chimp in the water looking down and blowing at something in his hand like a dandelion fluff. Adorable.
  9. forgot this one: red high heeled shoes/platform shoes with several heart balloons.
I drew them in my tablet’s notes function using an iPencil. Drawn in continuous scroll, but saved every few images and new note started. The numbers on the notes do not match the written list. I like to see what I can recall the next day, and find it interesting how they get remembered. Good way to exercise my memory too. That’s part of the fun of doing this. Draw, remember, write blogpost with the drawings.

Sip & Sketch session #45, hosted by theater costume and set designers, Lisa Jordan and Cindi Taylor, 

Thank you so much for making these sessions possible. 

They curate a set of images for each session. Participants draw each selection at varying 'pose' lengths - until the timer rings. Then most participants show their drawings briefly for a group screen shot in 'gallery ' view.


Saturday, February 20, 2021

Rover plays fetch - gify animation Finger phone drawing, 2/18/21

 Rover plays fetch - gify animation Finger phone drawing, 2/18/21

Now let’s see if it works. It looped around in my phone, but so far not in FB. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Chinese New Year of the Ox, animated drawing gif, 2/19/21

 Chinese New Year of the Ox, animated drawing gif, 2/19/21

Cannot control the ox! Keeps slipping away! Drawn in iPhone notes with finger. Gif produced online,

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Happy Mardi Gras, a mask drawing. 2/16/21

 A Happy Mardi Gras mask. Print and color it. I did  a screen recording of doing the drawing. Would need editing, which I’m now too lazy to do!

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Valentine themes in Doodle Dine sketch session #44, 2/14/21

 Host, Elizabeth Popiel, had picked out some valentine inspired themes for the session’s quickie warm up images. Lots of hearts of different formats.


Wooden hearts in a straw nest 

Hearts of straw. Was that the scarecrow’s heart? 

And then there was one of impending doom

 Drawings added later:

Woman in South Africa entwined with light tubing.

Model in a mixed reds dress. (I could not see this at all..)

An old abandoned Victorian house

Modern multi-unit shopping container style  building.

Landscape with bridge along Rte 1, Big Sur?


Happy Valentine’s Day! Digital drawings 2/14/21

 Cupid aims an arrow

Cat and Pig for Valentine’s Day ....‘touch’ drawing, 2/14/21

Cat and Pig’s Happy Valentine’s Day, ‘sig’ drawing, 2/14/21

Fields of red blooms, Parade dragon dance puppets, - Sip & Sketch session number 44, to 2/12/21

Sip & Sketch session number 44, 2/12/21.

Subjects as remembered randomly out of order. Images curated by Lisa Jordan and Cindy Taylor.

My drawings are ipencil in IPad notes. I accidentally saved as one long image instead of starting new ones, so this may be low res.

  1. Big rooster statue or puppet from the past Chinese new year year of the rooster
  2. Dragon dance  Chinese new year Parade puppet
  3. Lapdog like a  Papillion or King Charles 
  4. Japanese or Asian treaditional scary mask - Hannya mask of Noh theatre
  5. Fashion model in kimono dress, 
  6. Drapery of lace kerchief 
  7. Something that looks like a necklace but may have been a little piece of machinery or something 
  8. fields of  areas of red tulips or red poppies with bodies of water moving through it but very smooth
  9. Pink blooms bouquet - cherry blossoms?.
Sorry the image list is out of order, but part of the fun and challenge of this is to see how much I can remember! I forgot the pink blossoms.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Yellow happy dog, butterfly shapes - my drawings from sip n sketch session number 43, 2/5/21

My  drawings from sip n sketch session number 43, 2/5/21

Remembered at random, a little better chrono order now?

  1. Golden snake form
  2. butterfly and flower
  3. Nerdy glasses on the yellow background
  4. Orchid flowers on the yellow side
  5. Dark skin women in long yellow flowing clothes against the blue sky
  6. Golden yellow lab retriever dog laughing with tongue hanging out
  7. Architectural angular slightly curving forms with yellowish walls
  8. Long eared owl or Great horned owl
  9. Hawk with his handler those people out there in the Steppes - Mongolians 
  10. Afghani man in turban, light colored eyes - blue, green, gold, hazel

Got discouraged about my postings because suddenly FB is calling them spam and not letting me link to them.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Ribbon chapel, Gypsy ‘boo’ girl face - Doodle dine session #43, 1/31/21

My drawings from  Doodle Dine Session #43, 1/31/21

Images remembered at random

  1. Something ? - I came in at #2
  2. The ribbon chapel, by Hiroshi Nakamura
  3. Gypsy ‘boo’ girl face
  4. Zigfield Follies sisters Dolly and who(?)dancers Ziegfield follies
  5. Shack or house in a snow scene, house is leaning
  6. Still life with vase and sphere
  7. Top of a soda can with the fliptop all opened 
  8. Duckling swimming - seen at waterline
  9. A  ram with big curly horns I think that was in the set. I did two different versions
  10. Needle and scissors and thimble
  11. Another curvilinear architectural structure 

My drawings from virtual sketch session, #43, 1/31/21

The host, Liz Popiel, has curated a set of images, (whether photos or art), for us to draw that session. They start with short times, 3 min.) ,set to a timer, and continue to longer ‘Poses’, c. 20 min, as if they were models posing. Participants hold up their work, if willing, between each image. This is all done over the Zoom platform.

Oh boy- and now FB is taking my blogposts as spam? Won’t allow me to link to these???? What can be in violation?

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

February children’s art programs, 2021

 These are the programs of the February children’s drawing classes as they might have been. 

2/02    Valentine’s Day

2/09     Presidents’ Day, Mardi Gras

2/16     Chinese New Year - of the Ox, (2/12-2/26),

2/23     Black History Month

Chinese New Year - of the Ox, (2/12-2/26),Valentine’s Day,. Mardi Gras 2/08-2/16.

Presidents’ Day, 2/15, Black History Month

Use my Demonstration drawings to print out, color, and draw from.

2009 was also  the year of the Ox

Groundhog Day drawings, 2/2/21

 It’s been snowing all night and still going. No shadows for the groundhog today. Would he even peek out of his burrow today? I still don’t know if it means lots more winter or not so much. At least we’re getting some of the light back. Mid February the finches start singing. Winter passes faster as one gets older, but it also returns faster. I wonder if one becomes more able to see the actual turning of the earth. You can see it if you watch sun shadows - like a sun dial.

So, I could not post this to FB. Apparently it goes against community standards. I’ve edited the occasion out of my February programs post, but FB still rejected it. For all the crap they allow, then to come down for such drivel....