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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Fields of red blooms, Parade dragon dance puppets, - Sip & Sketch session number 44, to 2/12/21

Sip & Sketch session number 44, 2/12/21.

Subjects as remembered randomly out of order. Images curated by Lisa Jordan and Cindy Taylor.

My drawings are ipencil in IPad notes. I accidentally saved as one long image instead of starting new ones, so this may be low res.

  1. Big rooster statue or puppet from the past Chinese new year year of the rooster
  2. Dragon dance  Chinese new year Parade puppet
  3. Lapdog like a  Papillion or King Charles 
  4. Japanese or Asian treaditional scary mask - Hannya mask of Noh theatre
  5. Fashion model in kimono dress, 
  6. Drapery of lace kerchief 
  7. Something that looks like a necklace but may have been a little piece of machinery or something 
  8. fields of  areas of red tulips or red poppies with bodies of water moving through it but very smooth
  9. Pink blooms bouquet - cherry blossoms?.
Sorry the image list is out of order, but part of the fun and challenge of this is to see how much I can remember! I forgot the pink blossoms.

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