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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Classic Maine scene, with mermaids and unicorns! Art display, kids and adults, children’s drawing classes, 7/30/19

We went off on a tangent with the unicorn and mermaids, but the kids mentioned them as some of their guesses for the day's topic.

See the books and work of artist/illustrator/author Ashley Bryant for delightful brilliant colorful art. You can see something about Ashley Bryant here:

Monday, July 22, 2019

Beach roses landscape inventions, adult art class 7/22/19

We started with
A) calligraphic exercises - invent rows of marks. Do some in a connected manner
B) in two horizontal panels draw some shapes to approximate a 'Maine' coastal landscape. (Sea, horizon, land masses, islands, beach, clumps/bushes of beach roses.) Use one of your marks as the flowers in those foreground clumps. Color the green background of the shrubbery. Color the other landscape elements.
Try to keep a level horizon line. We don't need more vertigo than we already have, and we are not on a boat here. We are on land!

Final drawings - use one of your exercises or work from a reference photo. Draw on a full sheet.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Lupine coastal landscapes, adult art class, 7/8/19

We started with a series of exercises:
Draw clumps of stalks of lupine in a variety of
scribbles or textures. Each clump should be different than the
previous. Fill the sheet.
Rough in two horizontal panes/frames/rectangles on a vertical sheet.
First box create some shapes like areas in a landscape.
Second box make the same but fill it in with the textures practiced earlier, and
any other coloring desired.
Final drawing make up a scene on a full sheet. Use
reference photos if you want.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Cat and Pig with anisette, digital phone drawings, 7/2/19

Anisette from fennel root. Licorice flavor. Related to carrots and parsley. Now what is celeriac? And what is that other 'parsley' in Mexican dishes and others - cilantro?  I used to like these flavors but at some point early on it became the same kind of distaste for me as squeaky chalk is to one's ears.