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Friday, February 28, 2020

Cat and Pig want Chocolate Soufflé, phone drawings, 2/28/20. - CK

Cat and Pig like chocolate soufflé, ‘touch’ drawing, 2/28/20. ❤️ - CK

Cat and Pig make chocolate soufflé, ‘sig’ drawing, 2/28/20. - CK 

Monday, February 24, 2020

Mardi Gras masks, adult art class, 2/24/20

At this link to my Mardi Gras page from long ago, you will find several coloring pages to print out:

Lesson description and student examples of previous works here:

Masks from 2/24/20
Photo courtesy of Chris Sady

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Valentine’s Day swans papercut and drawing, 2/10/20

...Or ducks? This is actually a drawing or tracing from the papercut - laid out on the card stock sheet as a template. After tracing, I colored with our standard set of 24 crayons, of which I probably only used 6(?) colors!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Flower bouquet invention, iPad with ipencil drawing, 2/10/20

Imaginary flowers nosegay, (botanically incorrect), iPad with ipencil drawing, 2/10/20
These tools are handy and so called quick. Not better tho. Easy to make something quick and send out in a moment.
But we are all crazy if we really believe this pace of complication, chaos, and steps of process is sustainable... we'll find out I guess. Let us hope for the best, or simply believe that 'magic' will have to take care of it. I'm there in my head intellectually, but rarely on a moment to moment emotional basis. Matters always seem to work out eventually....I guess!
And, we now still have a bit of twilight left by 5:30pm!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Valentines papercut swans cards, adult art class display, 2/10/20

Students drew their own templates following along with my demo drawing. They made extra templates to use as a future reference.

After cutting out their kissing swans templates, students either made a background card for the papercut and/or made a larger full sheet design on card stock. They tipped their papercuts onto the background sheet using either glue stick or tape, (masking), rolled sticky side out to make a kind of double stick tape.

What a beautiful array here. Especially against the library's new paint job.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

My angel figure, after those Neopolitan angels...

 A beautiful marionette puppet showed up in a marionette puppet group I follow. Puppets so often are charicatures. I prefer the lovely beautiful kind. But puppets have strings attached, magical though they may be. The one I refer to has beauty and reminds me that I want to make a doll. 

I did make one several years ago. I was trying for something like the Neopolitan Christmas angels. Mine started with my making 5 heads of sculpey clay and wire up through the head for the halos. After that the heads waited for me to make something of them. Only one became a figure, an angel.... sometime between 1995 and 2004 I’m guessing. I did not finish it because I did not know how to resolve the hands or the wings.

“An angel ‘doll’ I made has sculpey head I think, and some plaster stuff for hands. Thought they’d be carveable. Body is wire armature wrapped in thin sock stripping. The robes are some kind of velour, with a wire around the hem of the skirt. I wanted a poseable like the Neopolitan angels. The wings in this keep falling off - they are just wrapping paper and not properly fastened.” -CK

If I add a string to his halo perhaps he can also be a sort of marionette, or at least qualify to show in that group. I’d better make a video for this angel

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Testing if stylus draws in Mail just as iPencil is supposed to... digital drawings, 2/5/20

And now I’m in mail on the phone and will insert the pic I 

Yes, it does. It just drags on the surface, its sticky. Finger or fingernail work too. I drew here in mail on iPad and saved it. That took it off the screen. I better be able to attach that now from the camera roll. Oh boy if i cant find it...!  Yes... just insert.

drew w stylus in notes.
Will it appear same size as iPad drawing done in mail?
Phone screen size for drawing in Notes is c. 2.75 x 3” ?

It did that weird thing of turning black with colored lines when it enlarged for choosing....but normal once inserted.

I’ll try a dreaded finger drawing, in the phone mail. Ugh. 
Every thing is out of order here now though since this was originally written in email I hopes of posting to blog by email. That blog platform only works 50% of the time! I keep trying it because if it does work it’s easier!

Monday, February 3, 2020

Chinese New Year - of the Rat, 2020. Adult Art Class student display, 2/3/20

Chinese New Year of the Rat - 2020

We worked from reference pictures of the decorative designs created each year. This year's celebrations began on Saturday January 25 and continue for about fifteen days.

Exercises included practicing a Rat drawn in a few calligraphy strokes. We had cut a sheet of paper into quarters. Color a piece all red, (crayon). Now turn it red side down against a clean quarter sheet. Draw a rat on the back using a good bit of pressure with a number 2 pencil - or use a colored pencil. You have to draw firmly and directly. No futzing and sketching. You should have a kind of carbon copy on that clean sheet. Decorate as you wish.

We did simple papercuts too. Color a quarter sheet red. Cut out a rat figure so that you have a nice papercut and you have the background piece as a papercut. Arrange your quarter sheet creations onto a full sheet and attach. We used masking tape turned into double stick tape just by forming a short section of tape into a loop - sticky side out

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Penguins and Sports figures, adult class art display, 1/27/20

Start with simple black circle and tear drop cut out shapes arrangements. You might be able to also see very simplified winter sports figures in them.

After some exercises of arranging shapes and drawing them, do some that could be penguins. It's ok if you can't really imagine a penguin or know what they look like. Guess first and draw your guess. Then find out!

I put penguins in the January programs for their black and white imagery. They are not arctic animals of the north, and they are not even all in Antarctica.

Punxy- Phil, finger phone drawing, 2/2/20, - CK

Groundhog Day - no shadow for Phil, early spring? Would we like that?

Punxsutawney Phil, (sp?)

Back to bed for just a few more weeks? We'll see. They always say if he sees his shadow it means 6 more weeks of winter. I never knew if that meant early or late spring. Finally someone said that 6 weeks means late spring. Up here, 6 more weeks would be an early spring!

So, Mr. Groundhog/Woodchuck, back to bed for just a few more weeks. We'll see.