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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Phone drawings with Cat and Pig, 3/17/20

In Maine they call corned beef and cabbage ‘boiled dinner’. That they call it ‘dinner’ also means that it’s meant to be a midday meal.
Whatever you may be having - enjoy it. And let’s have some good luck in there too!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Greens explorations lesson, adult art class, 3/9/20

Art class today in lead up to St. Pat's Day, we did greens explorations. First in quickie charts, and then in a final drawing. 
(I always do greens explorations for St. Pat's.) This idea came from a Paul Klee piece that came thru my FB, and which I had saved. 

We made the quickie charts by overlaying variations of yellow, greens, blues, and even purples. Some charts simply reversed the application of color to see differences depending on which layer a color went down first. 

For the final drawing I directed students to draw 7 randomly placed short straight lines on their sheet. I demonstrated and they all started to copy. Took me a moment to realize they were copying, ( and cover my sheet). Then they were to draw waving lines. I was not specific over whether the lines could intersect or not. 

Then students were to color as they wished using the yellows, greens, blues and purples they'd used in the color charts. They seemed to really enjoy that.

I tried to show them the Klee piece but it was nowhere to be found on my phone. Once home, I did find it -  in a message. Phew! But it was also in my phone storage  - from a year ago. I'd seen it during a random browsing of my pics, and realized how perfect such an idea  would be for our greens explorations project. Such a lovely image. The project was fun too. 

Paul Klee
White Blossom in the Garden, 1920

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Happy National Flapjacks Day! 3/7/20

Cat and Pig found flapjacks. Digital phone drawings, 3/7/20.
Flapjacks are the same as pancakes I think.
What are they making these with? How do they make them? Are they small or big? How many in a stack
What will they pour all over them?
Maple Syrup? Honey? Strawberry sauce - southern strawberries are huge right now. Markets are full of them. How many will they make? How many can they eat?   Who will eat some with them? Will theY have  leftovers too?

Friday, March 6, 2020

Huskies and sled dogs, adult art class student display, 3/2/20

Class worked from photo references and my demonstration drawings. This subject is great for stark black and white images. We started with the simple head shots. Moved on to a full side view of a husky. Final drawings students worked as they wished. Its quite a team of sled dogs here!