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Friday, September 30, 2016

Halloween Coloring Booklet pdf to download, and Etsy link testing.

Testing Etsy share listings options - does the url they give for sharing post as the actual listing or will it be a text link? I want to see the little version of the listing here, the way it would show if used in a Facebook post or an Etsy forum post. I suspect not. So far no, it only puts the text you give the link as the clickable link to the listing. I want to see a mini version of the listing. I guess that FB collects/retrieves what is to be found at the link and adds that to the posted link's context.

Instead I have uploaded pics of the booklet. This text link goes to the Etsy listing for my printable download. Halloween printable coloring booklet

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A grange hall and apple picking - student art displays, adult and kids' drawing classes, 9/26 &27/16

Drawing the St. George Grange we had some basic perspective lessons. Then we worked from our photo reference, not yet shown here, to depict the actual Grange Hall.

For the kids Apple drawing or Appletree lesson class we did a border and drew some marks and designs as a little warm up before making the picture. The scene was an apple tree drawn with a continuous line, with lots of loops and curly cues. Loops colored red are like apples in the tree. There were bushels of apples, apple drops and apple pickers to draw, and maybe a pie on a checkered table cloth. Someone drew a kitchen with all the fixings for making apple pie and cookies.

Monday, September 26, 2016

October Children's Drawing Classes with Catinka Knoth, at Rockland Public Library, 2016

Subject: October Children's Drawing Classes with Catinka Knoth, at Rockland Public Library, 2016

Press Release:
Fall and Halloween Themes for Free October Children's Drawing Classes at Rockland Library, 2016

Rockland - Children, and those young at heart, will explore fall and Halloween themes in the ongoing drawing classes led by Catinka Knoth at Rockland Public Library, 80 Union St. The "Let's Draw Together!" workshops, geared for ages 6 and up, also welcome adults. Library policy requests that children 10 and under have an adult accompany them. Classes meet every Tuesday from 4-5 p.m. downstairs in the Friends Community Room.

October's subjects may include: autumn leaves and trees; pumpkin patches and scarecrows; owls, bats, and cats; haunted houses; and a spooky Halloween with Jack-O-Lanterns, witches, goblins, and more.

10/04   Autumn leaves and trees
10/11   Pumpkin patches and scarecrows
10/18   Owls and bats and cats
10/25   Spooky Halloween with Jack-O-Lanterns, haunted houses, witches, goblins, and more.

The workshops, sponsored by local patrons Wendy and Keith Wellin, and hosted by Friends of Rockland Library, are free and open to the public, with all materials provided. Participants draw along with Knoth's demonstrations. She expects students to be able to work independently for the most part. Knoth, a Rockland artist, is known for her watercolors of Maine scenes and animal drawings. Her work may be seen at For more workshop information, call Jean Young, children's librarian, at 594-0310


Catinka Knoth
241 Broadway, Apt. B
Rockland, Maine 04841
207-596-0069, 207-691-5544



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'Catinka's expenses fund' campaign at GoFundMe:

October Adult Drawing Workshop Series with Catinka Knoth at Rockland Public Library, 2016

Subject: October Adult Drawing Workshop Series with Catinka Knoth at Rockland Public Library, 2016

Press Release  
Autumn Themes Free October Adult Art Workshop Series with Catinka Knoth at Rockland Public Library, 2016

Rockland - Catinka Knoth offers drawing October's autumn themes, with a focus on drawing in color, 11 a.m. Mondays, in October, (no class Columbus Day 10/10), in the Community Room, Rockland Public Library, 80 Union St. Led by Knoth, participants will create their own colored drawings of apple motifs; fall leaves; autumn landscape scenes; and Halloween pumpkins. Knoth provides the classes free of charge and open to the general public, with materials supplied, and Friends of Rockland Library hosting. FMI Knoth at 691-5544 or Rockland Library at 594-0310.

Knoth will provide instruction and guidance in drawing October fall themes. Each week is a different subject, as follows:

10/03   Apples and apple trees
10/10   No Class - Library closed, Columbus Day
10/17   Autumn leaves
10/24   Fall scenes
10/31   Halloween pumpkins

Knoth paints watercolors of Maine and whimsical animal scenes, which she offers as cards and prints. She teaches a free weekly children's drawing class at Rockland Public Library, sponsored by Wendy and Keith Wellin. For more information about Knoth's work visit

attachments: art by Catinka Knoth

Catinka Knoth
241 Broadway, Apt. B
Rockland, Maine 04841
207-596-0069, 207-691-5544



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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Apple Stovetop dessert experiment #4. Apple mini cake! Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cream together butter sugar cinnamon.
Add five heaping teaspoons cutlery teaspoons flour, with pinch of salt and c. 3/8 cutlery teaspoon baking powder.
Mix that dry stuff well.
Cut it in with the butter sugar cinnamon mix.
The apple has been prepared separately. Either a small tart apple is good in little pieces or a medium apple from which you have taken away or eaten one quarter. Keep the skin on!
Take a bit of butter and work that into the apples.
Work apple pieces into the dry flour butter mixture.
Add liquid! I threw some water into the remains of a mayo jar so I could clean it out a bit and used that as my liquid so I don't know how this will turn out. Neither do I know how much I used.
Mix it up quickly - don't want the flour to turn glutenous.
Butter your little tart pan.
Put the batter in it.
Set it in whatever place you will cook it - I used my stovetop rig, (see previous posts).
I cooked for an hour because I was doing stovetop.
Now we'll see how this tastes!
(Ingredients are about the same as in the previous posts)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Apple dish/cake/pie dessert experiment #3?, Saturday, 9/24/16, afternoon

This experiment has something like a biscuit as the crust, (we hope), then the sliced apples, and then the butter/sugar/cinnamon mixture spread and daubed all over the top. The hoped for biscuit was a batter. We will see see how well it cooked or whether it burned. Cooked in my stovetop rig for about 50 minutes. It has cooled about 1/2 hour before this pic, so it already looks different than when I first took it off the heat. The stovetop 'rig' is just as in the other experiments. Now let me taste it!

My apple bough watercolor,
here on my FineArtAmerica page/shop as prints in different sizes:
apple bough watercolor art

and, on my Etsy as a digital download to print and fold at home!
Apple Bough watercolor frenchfold notecard printable by CatinkArts

Friday, September 23, 2016

Middle of the night apple tartlette

Same as last night - except
I used a different bread - sliced yeast dinner roll.
Spread the butter/sugar/cinnamon mixture on the bread instead of dotting it.
More careful of the time. At least I know it cooked for 45-50 minutes.
I cannot say yet whether it burned or not.
And, I have not tasted it yet

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Apple tartlette experiment - bread crust!

Burnt again - but still very tasty. Single serving dish. Baked in my stovetop cast iron frying pan oven invention. Butter the dish. Layer pieces of bread, (about 1" size), as a crust. I used pieces of a Portuguese roll. Mix up some butter, sugar, and cinnamon and dot onto the bread. Next time i will spread it on the bread before tearing up the bread. It may be easier and better distribution. Then spread little chunks of an apple - still greenish small Macintosh in this case. Dot the rest of the butter-sugar-cinnamon mixture onto the apples.
The mixture was c. 1 T. butter, 2 heaping t.'s sugar, and (?) 1/4 t. Cinnamon. I am guessing amounts since i do it all by eye.
The little tart goes into aluminum commercial pie tin into the fry pan. Put tinfoil loosely over this. Cover with another pie tin. Cover the whole fry pan. Cook on the stove top at low heat - just at that edge where things brown but don't burn right away. If you cook too long, yes, it will burn. I was busy with something, so this did burn, but not so badly that it was a deep burn, or that it did not taste good. Neither do i know how long i cooked it for or how soon it can be ready. It is the apples that need to get soft so that the juices really soak down through. Next time I'll try to mind better. I could not resist to eat a bit before getting the pic. The whole reason for making this is that i don't really like the apples when they are still too green. These are just a bit too early. But it is supposed to be a bad apple season here this year. So I bought some now at the supermarket - the somewhat local tote kind.

Though this was made with smallish pieces of bread, they did form a crust from the butter mix and juices dripping down through. I trimmed what you see here into half the tartlette and could pick it up in my hand to eat. It stayed together.

And some apples in a tree where I have not been apple picking for several years. An apples watercolor as a frenchfold notecard to download, print out, and fold. In my Etsy shop

Some summer kids' drawing class art, 2016

Favorite Maine cats and dogs
Classic Maine scene with Marshall Point lighthouse - boats, seagulls, lobsters!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cat and Star ink drawings #2-4, ping files

Cat sails the seas at night

Flies in the night sky among the stars

Cat swims under water with  the fish

Cat sees a light in the sea.



Monday, September 12, 2016

Fwd: Werner Jakstein 1954 journal, 5 spreads pages, 18-27

Forgot that i cannot send as big a file as i wish by email to blogger. First round rejected. Try again.



Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Werner Jakstein 1954 journal, 5 spreads pages, 18-27

Catinka Knoth
241 Broadway, Apt. B
Rockland, Maine 04841
207-596-0069, 207-691-5544



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Butterflies and barns, student drawings from kids and adult art classes, 9/6/16 & 9/12/16

We made our own papercut templates for butterflies, with very liberal interpretations of Monarchs. With some inside cutting one can get interesting mirror patterns. A thin paper template is not that easy to trace around. Some chose to decorate or color the actual papercut. Some redrew freehand butterflies. We have some other themes in the display as well!

The barns: we did exercises in coloring somewhat architectural plane shapes - one version is to draw the shape in outline and color it in, the next version is to color it into an imaginary outline. After some practice we worked from the reference photo, Harjula's barn here on Rte 131, in Maine, a previous September's scene. It was an experiment to see what happens if you draw the basics of the barn and scene in black crayon as in the coloring in practice, and then work some color on top of this drawing. It would be a kind of grisaille crayon drawing.

Testing gif image upload again. Star watches cat climb into boat, ink drawing.

Previously i posted several gif files of some cat and star ink drawings. Gif files are the usual format i use for black and white images. But in Blogger they looked terrible. From the blog post overall you could hardly see them. If you click on them they look like white line drawings on black backgrounds. I had posted them by email and cc'd myself. The images in the cc show nicely in the email. I save them to my camera roll. Now in the camera roll they are each pasted on top of other pics there. Opening the image again shows that negative line drawing. Send it to email, i looks fine here now. I am sending this to blogger to repost. We'll see how it shows - a test.

This is one of the drawings from the book/story/coloring book i've been working on and off for years. Comes and goes in spurts. Here: in which Star watches Cat as he climbs into his boat for some sleep.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cat and Star ink drawing (as a png file this time.

The set of eight cat and star ink drawing scans I uploaded earlier don't seem to be showing well. If you click on one you get an inverted version of it. As if the whole thing is black with light white chalk marks. I'm trying to find out why. They are gif files. I know gif files used to do that in certain circumstances but I don't know why. So this image is a png file. Let us hope it works better.


Cat and Star ink drawings

Finally got these drawings for my cat and star book scanned all over again. The first set are still locked up in my old dead laptop. I am pretty sure I can get at them, but don't know just how yet, (for several years now). Finally decided to just go ahead and re-scan. In re-scanning I see that several of the drawings don't match the rest of the set. They were done with pen and ink rather than brush and ink. Maybe I will have to re-draw them. Not sure they would work with a brush though. I'll think about it. ...And, it looks like I may just upload a few tonight. These take a long time to upload.

At last that bunch came through. 8:46 pm starting second upload of 6 images.9:03pm the second batch is up.

and, 9:13pm the last four, at last - dial-up connection, a very slowww one at that. Yay!

And after all that, blogger would not allow such a large upload by  mobile/remote.

What is the max size? I'll try half the pics. ....9:38 pm


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Marshall Point Light watercolor paintings and more for fundraiser silent auction to benefit Marie Ilvonen's humanitarian aideworker mission.

Marshall Point Light, Port Clyde Maine, original monochrome watercolor  by Catinka Knoth, 2009
Marshall Point Light, Port Clyde, Maine - monochrome original watercolor painting by Catinka Knoth, 2009
Marshall Point Lighthouse original watercolor painting by Catinka Knoth, 2008
Marshall Point Light, Port Clyde Maine, original watercolor painting by Catinka Knoth, 2008
Press Release:
Rockland -
Art lovers can see and bid on original watercolors of Marshall Point Light and more at the Lesvos Refugee Relief silent auction to raise funds for Marie Ilvonen's  trip as a humanitarian aidworker with refugees and volunteers in Lesvos, Greece.  Sandy Weisman, Wendleanne Agunas, and Representative Anne Pinney Beebe-Center co-host the auction, Saturday 5-7pm, 09/10/16 at Black Hole Gallery, 403 Main St. Donating artists include Simon van der Ven, Darlene Cocke, Nick Snow, Kathleen Florence, Catinka Knoth, Victoria Pitman and more.

Silent Art Auction poster
Lesvos Refugee Relief Silent Art Auction benefit for Marie Ilvonen's mission, at Black Hole Gallery
Marie Ilvonen

     Marie Ilvonen went the first time, to Lesvos, Greece refugee camp in May 2016. She was able to work setting up a transition housing complex for refugees, provide group and individual therapy in a refugee camp for the most vulnerable and provide support for volunteers suffering from secondary trauma and compassion fatigue. Her stay lasted two weeks.

    Ilvonen felt compelled to return so that she could continue and expand her work. Expenses for the trip involve housing, food and transportation on the island, and providing for individual and programmatic needs in the camps. She will continue her work in the camps and her work with volunteers on her second trip.

    Ilvonen's usual line of work is psychotherapy and health coaching. When asked what prompted her to want to do this volunteer work, she replied, "We live in a time when we all must choose between hate and fear or hope and compassion. And, when I watched the news reports last fall and saw the trauma on the faces of the refugees in the boats, I knew I had to do something".

    Supporters will find creations by artists Simon van der Ven, Nick Snow, Kathleen Florence and many more contributing art to this silent auction. This offers  people  a chance to participate in a community effort to fellow human beings elsewhere in the world. "It strengthens our bonds with our fellow man." says artist Catinka Knoth.

    The Black Hole Gallery at 403 Main St, Rockland, is new to the growing art scene. A fundraising auction or an opening reception all serve to enrich the experiences of people's lives. People have the chance to connect with friends and new found acquaintances and to view artwork from a spectrum of artists. The artworks always offer viewers a different perspective of the  world - from viewing a scene as interpreted in a single color, and varieties of mediums, to art in limited palettes. The culture of exhibiting and selling art can often seem as if it just a business proposition, but its core spirit is about man's need to share and exchange his inner perceptions and possibly move others to try new perspectives. It is also a way of communicating with the future - the ancestors yet to be - and to keep weaving the fabric of life.

Gallery website: