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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The circus comes to town - triangle acrobats & clown paper puppets, adult and kids drawing classes, 3/27-28/17

Cut card stock into four quarter sheet approximate postcards. Invent figures composed entirely of triangles. Figures should reach several edges of the cards, (ie keep your figures large if possible). Decorate these figures as clowns or however you like. Cut them out. Arrange them on a new sheet as you like. Trace around the figures in this arrangement. Use that tracing as a new picture to color as you wish. Attach paper sticks to the back of your puppets and have some fun with them.

Adult class we slapped together a circus backdrop and perched the puppets on top. We could just as easily have danced them in front of the backdrop. Depends where you put the sticks.

Kids class we have less time, so the puppets parade on the wall.

Have fun!


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring daffodils crayon drawing and paper sculpture experiments, 3/20-21/17

Crayon drawing in yellow outlines and coloring.
Paper flowers - I think little paper cups from circles cut into simple spiral with slits cut along inside edge to bend up. Close with dab of glue stick. Make a collar/saucer of petals. Glue cup into the saucer. Make a small slit in the center. Make a stiff paper folded stick. Roll up one end a bit. Thread the stick through the flower's center. The little rolled up part will keep the stem from going right out again.

And these are structural/schematic versions of daffodils to practice feeling the forms, to warm up, to create drawings from your imagination.

Spring, daffodils, schematic construction style, and stick puppet boxes. Adults and kids' art classes, 3/20 -21/17

Adult class did several 'construction' style exercises to get a feel for the cup and saucer aspect of daffodils. We drew final drawings in similar style using yellow for the lines instead of black before coloring in.

Kids' class, in honor of World Puppetry Day: we drew daffodils onto circles we had made by cutting down paper into small squares. We threaded the daffodil heads onto folded paper sticks. We had already made little origami paper diorama stages/containers and set in colored backdrops of sky and grass. The daffodil stick puppets we poked through the ground area side of the box.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Whuoo, whuoo, whuuoo,....where? Sunday, day before Spring's arrival, 3/19/17 c. 6:30p.m.

Was I hearing an owl whooting in the distance? I look out the window to see where it might be. There just below me in the shingling over the downstairs window was something with its beak in the cracks between shingles. A small mourning dove. Oohh, i grab a camera. As soon as the dove realizes i am there it pulls its head up. I get my shot, and it takes off with that typical whirring sound they make upon take-off.