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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Cat and Pig on Juan Gris' Bday, digital phone drawings, 3/23/19

Cat and Pig on Juan Gris' Bday, digital phone drawings, 3/23/19. My
phone'semail are refusing to work, due to the constant battle for
storage space. I tried to trick it w msg! But also using this email at
the moment.

Of course these are my interpretations of Juan Gris painting!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Cat & Pig want French bread, digital phone drawings, 3/21/19

Hmmm -
where can they get it?
Can they find it, buy it, make it?
What is the best way?
Who has the best kind?
Where to get a good recipe?
How to make it?
How to choose?
How long will they keep looking or trying?

Monday, March 18, 2019

Dogsleds and huskies, adult art class display, 3/18/19

We started by working from reference photos. We did continuous line drawings from a couple photos of sled dog heads. Then we did a continuous line drawings of a full figured dog dog. Then we did a negative shape drawing - this is a light dog with a dark background.
We also did some drawings from stencil paintings that I've worked up from stencils freehand. Final drawing – do as you wish working from any of the reference material in full sheet scale.

Here are photos of my stencil paintings that we worked from. I paint them freehand from old stencils art that Dover books publishes. But the bottom two I painted stencil
style from photo references. Do a search for photos to use as references.