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Friday, August 11, 2017

Illustrating difference between watermark and credit line on images.

I made this w my phone's image edit markup features. The question had come up on Etsy. Having watermarks on your images is now frowned upon by the various search engines. (I agree.) But a credit line that does not obscure the essentials of the content is another matter, and I would say a must have. A watermark is usually somewhat transparent though, unlike my sample for which I only had white. Let us hope that my posting this 'watermarked' image I don't get penalized by google etc. Perhaps I'll just link to it... after a bit.

At this link, if it works, is a rough example showing a watermark vs. a credit line. Watermark would also be more transparent than the white I had to use. ... cannot make this a clickable link now, so copy/paste to use it.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bird sings? to Osprey family squeaking and circling overhead, and CK's mimic whistle.

Bird Mimic Responds To Osprey Group's Cries 8-9-17.m4a
It was a song I had not heard before. I tried to whistle the same back. Practiced it all the way upstairs and made a recording. Now to find what bird it was. ( I could only hear the bird). Anyone know? Or how to find out?

Ok, looks like the recording file did not post. Now to find that.

So maybe the little video I have since made, a papercut bird stick puppet and my own mimic whistling will work/show here...
I hear a different bird song today and try to mimic it by whistling. Here my papercut bird stick puppet gives its appearance to the song.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Maine Boats, demo drawings and art by kids and adults, children's drawing class, 8/8/17

Skiffs, sailboats, lobsterboats, and Friendship sloops today. We started with the 'easier' boat, (though none of them are easy. Students worked following along with my demos. Each boat shows a little dimensionality. No simple silhouette views here. Some of these kids had boating experience and taught me some finer nuances. Note the sailboat with three people in the back. With all that weight there, the boat would be 'planing', which has something to do with what kind of water it would be displacing. I will have to investigate further. Or maybe someone will explain it here!?

Monday, August 7, 2017

Marshall Pt. Lighthouse, lesson, exercises, demo drawing, and class display- adult art class, 8/7/17

We practiced drawing several kinds of shapes by coloring in imaginary outlines. These shapes prove to be components of our lighthouse scene, Marshall Pt. Light in this case. Students followed along step-by-step, from the exercises to the actual scene. They had no reference photo to work from, just my step-by-step. Once their drawings were done the first time, they got to check against my reference photo to see how these visual elements related.

I'll see if I can find a digital copy of my ref pic, and will add it here later.

We also brainstormed a list of what the black triangle with the ball on top might be, (besides a lighthouse cap).

A) class group display
B) my demo drawing - black crayon
C) my demo exercises page
D) brainstorm list - lighthouse cap