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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Cardinal couple in lilacs, direct watercolor, 6/13/18

Cardinals in lilacs posed in our imaginations for adult art class, 6/11/18

Friday, June 15, 2018

Filippino Lippi portraits - my grid drawing and a grid watercolor. Filipino Lippi self portrait in a St. Peter scene in the Brancacci Chapel, Florence, Italy,

Filippino Lippi portraits - my grid drawing and a grid watercolor. Filipino Lippi self portrait in a St. Peter scene in the Brancacci Chapel, Florence, Italy, c. 1481-82

This was a lesson I gave perhaps in 2007. The portrait is a detail from a larger painting of his. The students, (all adults), were not happy with me. Too exacting, 'not creative.' 'we want to be loose'. I had worked hours and hours the night before in preparing the materials for the students to work with. One student, who had been taking class for years, told me the next week, that it was the  last class for the season. Later I heard that was it. Even later came the feedback from the student that their project had turned out well.

A recent grid watercolor of an acquaintance by their high school friend prompted me to go digging for this.

I don't know how much the Old Masters used grids for portraits. They certainly used them to enlarge their small drawings for the large wall and ceiling murals.

This was inspired by the work of Chuck Close. Perhaps I'd just seen a tv interview with him for a new book or exhibit. I don't remember now.

Info on the painting: conflicting info - I think this source also suggests that this is a portrait of Botticelli. Find the story here.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Recording me as I mimic the tones/beats of a guest on a talk radio show...

Ugh the sounds are so mechanically predictable, droning and put me to sleep. I cannot listen to the words..

Monday, June 11, 2018

Cardinals and Lilacs, student display, adult art class, 6/11/18

Lilacs exercises - schematic cone shapes using a looping line as if to draw a 'slinky'. Make some curving cones too. The try one as if using fake handwriting loops. Now try one using separated floret shapes - also moving around the cone.

Cardinals exercises:
Practice in red doing the crest, beak, cheek shapes - go right across your page, facing them in both ways.
Then do that head shape and add the body, tail, legs shapes.

At last, put it all together. I drew several continuous line drawings, and I'll see how it ends up.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Hummingbird and rhododendron crayon painting ...further working, 6/10/18

My drawing from the other day, developed further. Don't let me hear complaints about just using simple kids crayons! Maybe I used 8-10 colors out of the 24 color box. My overall set of colors on hand is missing lots of those 24 colors.
Dandelion yellow, yellow green, green, violet red (or the other one?), red, blue, cerulean blue(?), blue violet...hmmm, that is 8 colors
Ok carnation pink towards the end as a blender. Nine!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Hummingbirds and Rhododendrons, crayon drawings, practices, and direct ink painting, 6/4-5/18

For my adult art class demo I worked in crayon, as we all do. With my watercolor student I did the same basic exercises but using a brush with black watercolor direct to paper. Practicing the strokes and shapes gives the confidence to paint directly. The group of three birds was just another practice sheet. Figures like that easily make a nice grouping because of their shapes.


Hummingbirds and rhododendrons - student display, adult art class, 6/4/18

We started with practice sheets of eye, bill and forehead marks lined up across the page. First one direction in the first line, the other direction for the next line. We also did continuous line drawing arrangements of the bird and flower configurations in yellow colored pencil or crayon. These were to be colored in as desired. The yellow line was to remain showing. The final drawing was to continue working on the yellow line style, or to start something of one's own choice.