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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving Turkey draw along demo, IMG 9026

A screencast of my drawing this Thanksgiving turkey on ipad with ipencil. You can follow along and draw your own. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! If you draw your own you can use any colors you want. Have fun. Let me know what else you want a drawing screencast for!   

Hope they show the final drawing once this YouTube share goes thru...

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Sip & Sketch Session # 32, Friday, 11/20/20.

 Sip & Sketch Session # 32, Friday, 11/20/20.

Owls, figures, doorways into landscapes, peppers, Shintu bridges...

My tablet drawings from recent online virtual Zoom sketch session hosted by Lisa Jordan and Cindi Blank Taylor

I draw in the tablet’s own drawing option in the native notes app. I could start a new note for each sketch or just scroll down to more empty space. Later I edit these apart. Here I have not separated them. 

The first sketch was from a photo of the little stowaway owl whoo showed up in the Rockefeller Center Christmas  tree. I think it was a saw whet owl. Unlike the virus that has been wreaking havoc everywhere it hitches a ride to, this owl brought us the feeling of wonder and magic that comes with the holiday season. We head into the deep cold, the top half of the world readies to go to sleep as the sun retreats, promising it will return with its warmth. We  honor this season so we can remember in the cold that the earth and our spirits will renew. Over and over again  

Monday, November 23, 2020

Cat and Pig Share Espresso, phone drawings, 11/23/20

 Cat and Pig Share Espresso, phone drawings, 11/23/20

Which cafe’s did they go to for their espressos?
Did they ever have espresso before?
Did they understand what it would be like?
The cups are small.
Maybe they’ll try Turkish coffee too. Is Turkish coffee the same as espresso?

What made them think of having espresso? Where did they have espresso? Could they have some at their homes? What else did they have with their espresso? When might they have it again? Did they like their espresso? 

Cat and Pig find espresso. ‘touch’ drawing, 11/23/20,❤️- CK


Cat and Pig enjoy espresso, ‘sig’ drawing, 11/23/20, - CK

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Windows of sorts on my walls

Last night in online zoom sketch session I was having a grouchy time with my digital devices. The phone flipped from landscape to portrait mode as I was drawing, but double insult was that I could not tilt it back. I had not touched the phone - it had been sitting in the little phone holder/tripod. I had been drawing from the tiny image showing in the phones screen, while drawing in my tablet device. As I tried to right the phone, my tablet stuff slid off my lap to the floor. I left the session then in such a mood of frustration over all the little ‘insults’ these devices seem to constantly barrage  us with. I signed out and managed to smooth my feathers a bit, and signed back in...

Then toward the end of the session someone asked what was the floral looking stuff behind me. I had no idea. Usually I can’t see that stuff in the evening in a zoom session. I had been so perplexed over why my face was showing so pale and washed out tho the light was not on it, let alone knowing or seeing what was in the background. And I have not been able to look up well as I move around. 

Then I remembered what I thought was showing behind me - a long fantasy landscape painted on a wooden door panel I’d found years ago in my old lower Manhattan neighborhood. Except it was not that at all. It actually is a large painting of a gladiolus single bloom almost floating above land, (ala O’Keeffe ). The painting I had described, sits on top of the nearby bookcase. On my west wall facing me, that I can see, is a view imagined thru pale blue flowing curtains as if to be made of sky themselves. There is a little pond out there. The walls too are sky of sorts. 

Here are pics of these paintings. I cannot hold onto  the phone properly to get these lined up the way I want. But it gives the idea.

And now some of these images refuse to show in the proper mode I’d taken them in. Grrgh...   A Topsy-Turvy world. Appropriate for the times...

Ok, so I ended up downloading the miscreant pics and rotate edited in my phone. It’s ok here now.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Animals, doorways,. and stacks of coffee cups - Sip n sketch #31, 11/13/20, my tablet drawings

Animals, doorways,. and stacks of coffee cups - Sip n sketch session # 31, tablet drawings, 11/13/20


A couple flowers and  little bottle still life

Over flowing coffee cups

This figure wears a bright yellow wig and round sunglasses, hands held in Peace signs

Is it an elephant or someone wearing an elephant? Or a sculpture of a Hindi deity - Ganesh? I’ll have to find out.

Narrow alleys on either side of this thin triangular building - where ?

This chimp so deep in its pondering.

Dancing figure sculpture statue - marble carving. The marble carving conveys thinnest veils sweeping around the figure.

These are my drawings from online zoom session, 11/13/20

Sip n Sketch session #31, hosted by theater costume and set designers, Lisa Jordan and Cindi Taylor, 

Thank you so much for making these sessions possible. 

They curate a set of images for each session. Participants draw each selection at varying ‘pose’ lengths - until the timer rings. Then most participants show their drawings briefly for a group screen shot in ‘gallery ‘ view.

Friday, November 13, 2020

After elections 2020, Drawings from Sip ‘n Sketch session #30 11/6/20

My drawings from post 2020 elections Sip & Sketch session #30, 11/6/20. Ballots still being counted as we sketch. Note the peanut pushing the orange up an incline drawn from a photo. As always, hosts Lisa Jordan and Cindi Taylor, have curated a selection of 9 images for session participants to draw. Each image  gets shown on the shared screen for a given amount of time. A timer rings signaling time up, share drawings, (if you choose). Someone takes a screen shot of the group display. This all takes place in  zoom format.

Good to be able to concentrate on drawing for a bit. To hear people chat about their week. Counting was still going on. Probably still is. But it’s a relief the campaigns are done. Not sure I ever want to vote again. though it was easier doing it by mail in. But when margins are that thin or that evenly divided, lots of bargains and compromises have to be made, (in my opinion). It can’t be decided by one side having one more vote than the other. That leaves too many people unsatisfied. 



I’ve taken to doing these drawings on the iPad with the ipencil. It has its drawbacks because it is so slippery and the parallax (?) between screen glass and image beneath the glass surface. I do like the fast black line it makes. 
With every iOS update they always seem to be adding features/changes which ‘they’ think are improvements. May be so, but users keep getting yanked around. What used to work has suddenly disappeared or is buried in some inconvenient place. As I ‘age’ perception of time goes faster. These changes happen faster and become more frustrating and maddening. I am not seeing myself getting more philosophical about them. Just getting a shorter fuse.
If you can spend some time drawing in a calm environment, try it. It can be helpful - as long as you do get to concentrate.


Thursday, November 12, 2020

Pizza with the works for Cat and Pig, phone drawing, 11/12/20

 Cat and Pig try Pizza with the works, (except anchovies). What are the works? Cheeses, tomato sauce, sausage, pepperoni, Ground beef, mushrooms, pineapple - what else?

Here is a line drawing of Cat and Pig - about to enjoy pizza with the works.

Download it to color for yourself!

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election Day for Cat and Pig - iMsg drawings, 11/3/20

 Voting - how we say where we each stand. Who can really know a best choice?

We may believe we choose, but more importantly, I believe, is that we each get to say what we want. 

Cat and Pig ready votes, ‘touch’ drawing, 11/3/20. 

Cat and Pig Vote. ‘sig’ drawing, 11/3/20.

So glad I did my absentee ballot. In Maine we were able to confirm receipt and acceptance online. 

This question reminds me of the zen or Chinese story of the old farmer.

Monday, November 2, 2020

November Children’s Drawing Program, 2020

 This is the November 2020 children’s drawing program that would have been.

Each week a different subject:

11/03   Let's Draw Deer! 

(Election Day)

11/10    Let's Draw Woodland Critters - Bears, raccoons, foxes, chipmunks, squirrels, and mice! 

&/or Veterans Day 11/11

11/17    Let's Draw Turkeys, a Pilgrim Feast, and a Cornucopia for Thanksgiving!

11/24  Let's Draw Native American Designs and Motifs!

Download my demonstration drawings to print out, draw from, and color. Enjoy!