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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Sip & Sketch Session # 32, Friday, 11/20/20.

 Sip & Sketch Session # 32, Friday, 11/20/20.

Owls, figures, doorways into landscapes, peppers, Shintu bridges...

My tablet drawings from recent online virtual Zoom sketch session hosted by Lisa Jordan and Cindi Blank Taylor

I draw in the tablet’s own drawing option in the native notes app. I could start a new note for each sketch or just scroll down to more empty space. Later I edit these apart. Here I have not separated them. 

The first sketch was from a photo of the little stowaway owl whoo showed up in the Rockefeller Center Christmas  tree. I think it was a saw whet owl. Unlike the virus that has been wreaking havoc everywhere it hitches a ride to, this owl brought us the feeling of wonder and magic that comes with the holiday season. We head into the deep cold, the top half of the world readies to go to sleep as the sun retreats, promising it will return with its warmth. We  honor this season so we can remember in the cold that the earth and our spirits will renew. Over and over again  

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