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Friday, November 13, 2020

After elections 2020, Drawings from Sip ‘n Sketch session #30 11/6/20

My drawings from post 2020 elections Sip & Sketch session #30, 11/6/20. Ballots still being counted as we sketch. Note the peanut pushing the orange up an incline drawn from a photo. As always, hosts Lisa Jordan and Cindi Taylor, have curated a selection of 9 images for session participants to draw. Each image  gets shown on the shared screen for a given amount of time. A timer rings signaling time up, share drawings, (if you choose). Someone takes a screen shot of the group display. This all takes place in  zoom format.

Good to be able to concentrate on drawing for a bit. To hear people chat about their week. Counting was still going on. Probably still is. But it’s a relief the campaigns are done. Not sure I ever want to vote again. though it was easier doing it by mail in. But when margins are that thin or that evenly divided, lots of bargains and compromises have to be made, (in my opinion). It can’t be decided by one side having one more vote than the other. That leaves too many people unsatisfied. 



I’ve taken to doing these drawings on the iPad with the ipencil. It has its drawbacks because it is so slippery and the parallax (?) between screen glass and image beneath the glass surface. I do like the fast black line it makes. 
With every iOS update they always seem to be adding features/changes which ‘they’ think are improvements. May be so, but users keep getting yanked around. What used to work has suddenly disappeared or is buried in some inconvenient place. As I ‘age’ perception of time goes faster. These changes happen faster and become more frustrating and maddening. I am not seeing myself getting more philosophical about them. Just getting a shorter fuse.
If you can spend some time drawing in a calm environment, try it. It can be helpful - as long as you do get to concentrate.


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