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Monday, July 30, 2018

Moose paper toy sculpture experiment, 7/30/18

A friend posted a photo of a neat moose yard sculpture - could be steel, could be plywood. It is one of those sliceform structures.

I had to try slapping together a test/experiment of one for myself. Scribbled the design in small iPhone notes app w the stylus. Printed it out having no idea what size it would print. In this case hopefully small since there was only light weight paper in the printer, (in the other room).

Yes, small, quarter sheet. Cut it out quickly and put the pieces together. Oh my!! It works - it actually stands!!!
The 'rack' is almost too heavy.

Wildflowers and daisies coastal landscapes, student art display, adult art class, 7/30/18

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Beach Roses - rosa rugosa, student art display, adult drawing class, 7/23/18

Exercises - Rows of various marks practiced as if learning to print or write.
Necklaces or chains of the previous marks, or new mark ideas.
A shape filled with one of the marks

For the final drawing we worked from a reference photo I brought in that I had taken ages ago.

Classic Maine scene - student art display, kids & adults, children's drawing class, 7/24/18

Ocean; lighthouse; boats; sea animals - seal, gull, crab, lobster....
So busy drawing, not much time for coloring!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

How to draw in 'notes' screenshots

Mine is an iPhone in the 'notes' and a bit hidden. I'm guessing all the phones have this. Right now I type on virtual keyboard. I think I have to hit the plus symbol above the keyboard. That exposes the camera and scribble symbols. Hit that squiggle symbol and the drawing app opens in ur note. Draw and save it, email it, post it, whatever. Hard to draw w finger. A bit easier if you use a stylus. 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Snowy Egret mini watercolor painting, from 7/5/18

Snowy Egret mini watercolor painting

Snowy Egret, Scarborough Maine, after photo by Joseph Rotford 

Ck painted 7/5/18  c. 3" x 4"

Reference photo here, though it may not be a public pic :(  :


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Dog and cat music band, guitar & trumpet, 7/18/18 - coloring page

I drew freehand with black crayon. Then some digital conversion to eliminate tone/shadow.... Made the whole drawing up on the spot.

To get myself figuring out what to draw, I would make a list of ideas and they would probably be the same ideas as my last list. But I find that as soon as even a little bit is on the list, I want to do it, right then. The list won't have that power the next day it seems!

Ok, so I'd prime the pump by writing down on the list a drawing I did a couple days ago, (another dog cat music band).

And then I wrote a list of instruments. I drew simple sketches of two instruments on the list. I would need to look up what most of the instruments look like. Since my other drawing had a long ago horn, I looked up a modern version - the trumpet.

Made a simple sketch of a trumpet on my list. And then also landed on a very informative video about trumpet playing and how it works.

Started the drawing with the dog playing guitar. Then I drew the cat playing trumpet. It may be hard to tell what is what! I think the dog is also singing to the moon - but a bird seems to be singing with the dog, so maybe that is the sun.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Poppies on North Haven Maine, student display, adult art class, 7/16/18, resend attempt..#2

Resend - the text did not post with the previous two remote postings...
In this case I'm trying with text before pics.

We worked from a photo I took many years ago, using either my instamatic camera or one of those throw-away cameras. I use this photo every year, since I just don't come across other poppy scenes. Some of the best poppy scenes were done by Childe Hassam.

We had some practice exercises to do in preparation for the final drawing. Would love for someone to describe what some of these exercises were.

A) Create a series of overall shapes making crayon marks that are much like Mosaic tiles.
B) Color in a large rectangle with a light green color done outline. Create light green stripes by using a darker green or a blue to color the background. Again you are not using outlines
C) make another light green box and this time create like green curving shapes by coloring the background darker.
D) another light green box this time make your initials in like green but coloring the background without outlines.
E) Go back to your amorphous red mosaics shape and color green around the red tiles.

To create a drawing from the reference picture, we started by drawing red shapes for the poppies, but it was important to see the overall shape they formed.

I demonstrated the steps but since there were only six reference photo copies I did it from memory.

.... to be continued, maybe!

Poppies on North Haven Maine, student display, adult art class, 7/16/18, resend attempt...

Resend - the text did not post with the previous remote posting...

Poppies on North Haven Maine, student display, adult art class, 7/16/18

Monday, July 16, 2018


Will my bird call mimic upload and play in this remote posting? Another test upload.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Trying to access ProQuest via remote sign in from our library ...

Work around just figured out to this problem! Found a bookmark I had that is the login for the Marvel database. We can sign in with our library card and barcode. I have had that bookmark for quite awhile and somehow had found it last night in my browser bookmarks. It all happens so quickly one forgets what one did, the path one traveled. Like Hansel & Gretel, one needs pebbles....

I have no clue what info to put in. I have no clue what I put in yesterday whereby I was able to use this digital resource. So frustrating and maddening to be playing these shell games with 'resources'. I spent hours on this yesterday - in tears over this going in circles. I have written down the steps as instructions for myself to follow the next time. I am signed in to my account in our library, but cannot find out how to get in to use ProQuest. I don't understand why it worked later...
And then again not now...
I used the html5 option for 'setting'(?) location. Maybe that never loaded completely...

Monday, July 9, 2018

Lupine inventions coastal floral scenes and exercises, student display, adult art class, 7/9/18

Warm-up practice:
Invent clumps of three spires representing lupine type plants. Use a different set of scribblings for each group of three. Do a row of large groups, then do smaller scribblings. I modeled some scribblings for class but it was also good if not better for them to make up their own. The varieties and possibilities in this are endless.

We did a trial run drawing:
First section of sky in a shape, blue
A shape of mountains in purple
A body of water – blue. (Could be ocean, inlet, pond, lake.)
A shape of trees in the distance using green and purple, or green and blue
Foreground – large lupines shape scribblings. Be asymmetrical in this. This should not be like stage curtains.
Go back through the space using smaller lupine scribblings
Add some foliage in the front
Throw in some yellow spots for little yellow wildflowers
Add in some light yellow green field areas
Maybe some birds like Redwing blackbirds……

Friday, July 6, 2018

Rockland Breakwater, schooner races, and ice cream desserts - student art display, (children and adults), kids' drawing class, 7/06/18

In the guessing of the scheduled subject for the session, one person guessed 'ice cream store'. The subject was to be Rockland landmarks. After we did the Breakwater with some schooners, we topped it off with ice cream dessert drawings. You will have to guess the flavors!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Purple Finch mini painting, for the 30x30!

Just pretend I'm in a different time zone! This sweet purple finch landed in my FB newsfeeder a little while ago. I hope the person who took the photo of the real bird might like what the bird and photo inspired. If I'm to finish this, am I cheating by painting on small pieces of paper?