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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Poppies on North Haven Maine, student display, adult art class, 7/16/18, resend attempt..#2

Resend - the text did not post with the previous two remote postings...
In this case I'm trying with text before pics.

We worked from a photo I took many years ago, using either my instamatic camera or one of those throw-away cameras. I use this photo every year, since I just don't come across other poppy scenes. Some of the best poppy scenes were done by Childe Hassam.

We had some practice exercises to do in preparation for the final drawing. Would love for someone to describe what some of these exercises were.

A) Create a series of overall shapes making crayon marks that are much like Mosaic tiles.
B) Color in a large rectangle with a light green color done outline. Create light green stripes by using a darker green or a blue to color the background. Again you are not using outlines
C) make another light green box and this time create like green curving shapes by coloring the background darker.
D) another light green box this time make your initials in like green but coloring the background without outlines.
E) Go back to your amorphous red mosaics shape and color green around the red tiles.

To create a drawing from the reference picture, we started by drawing red shapes for the poppies, but it was important to see the overall shape they formed.

I demonstrated the steps but since there were only six reference photo copies I did it from memory.

.... to be continued, maybe!

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