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Monday, July 9, 2018

Lupine inventions coastal floral scenes and exercises, student display, adult art class, 7/9/18

Warm-up practice:
Invent clumps of three spires representing lupine type plants. Use a different set of scribblings for each group of three. Do a row of large groups, then do smaller scribblings. I modeled some scribblings for class but it was also good if not better for them to make up their own. The varieties and possibilities in this are endless.

We did a trial run drawing:
First section of sky in a shape, blue
A shape of mountains in purple
A body of water – blue. (Could be ocean, inlet, pond, lake.)
A shape of trees in the distance using green and purple, or green and blue
Foreground – large lupines shape scribblings. Be asymmetrical in this. This should not be like stage curtains.
Go back through the space using smaller lupine scribblings
Add some foliage in the front
Throw in some yellow spots for little yellow wildflowers
Add in some light yellow green field areas
Maybe some birds like Redwing blackbirds……

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