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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Cat and pig have fun with crayons, digital phone drawings, 3/31/19

Cat and pig have fun with crayons, digital phone drawings, 3/31/19
They found a box of crayons!
What are they drawing?
What will they draw?
To whom will they show?
Should they make an art show?
Should they make a book?
Will they send drawings as cards and presents for their friends and family?
Will they try to sell their pictures?
Where are they drawing and coloring?
Do they like drawing more than coloring?
Do they like both the same?
Do they have favorite colors?
What are their favorite colors?
Do they need sharpeners for their crayons?
How few crayons can they draw with?
Maybe they would have fun making some coloring and drawing games.
What do they like to draw on?
Let's see if we can find some drying experiments for them to try.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

April Awakenings - children's drawing workshops, April 2019

Rockland -  Children will draw in celebration of Spring this April at 
Rockland Public Library. Participants draw along with artist Catinka 
Knoth as she demonstrates. Subjects may include fairy tale papercuts in 
honor of Hans Christian Andersen's birthday; Koi kites and cherry trees for the Japanese Spring Festival; baby animals such as bunnies, puppies, kittens, lambs, and colts;    Easter themes, spring 
peepers,  birds' nests and fledglings; and spring flowers such as 
crocuses, daffodils, and tulips. 

 "Let's Draw April Awakenings!" 
2019 schedule
4/02  Papercuts, HC Andersen fairy tales   
4/09 Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, koi kites
4/16  Easter eggs, baskets, bunnies, cards
4/23  Spring peepers, baby animals, birds nests
4/30. Spring flowers 

The ongoing workshops, sponsored by Wendy and Keith Wellin, for age 6 
and up, (including the young at heart), are free and open to the 
public. Library policy requests that children age 10 and under  have an 
adult accompany them. Knoth expects participants to be able to work 
independently for the most part.  Classes provide all materials and 
meet every Tuesday, 4-5 pm., Community Room, Rockland Public Library, 
80 Union St., hosted by Friends of Rockland Library. FMI - Jean Young, 
children's librarian, 594-0310

Friday, March 29, 2019

Cat & Pig want Lemon Chiffon Cake, digital phone drawings, 3/29/19. -CK

 Cat and Pig want  lemon chiffon cake. Will they make some? Will they buy some? Where can they find a good recipe?  Where will they get some lemon chiffon cake? What do they need if they want to make it?  How will they decorate it? Who will have some with them? Who will they share it with if they get it or make it? Where will they share it? Or, what will they do with it?  Will they have it all at once? Will they finish it in five days? How long will it take for them to finish it? Will they put some in the freezer for later?  Will they save some for the next day? What will they have with it?  Will they have it for dessert? Will they have it for afternoon tea? Or will they have a party with it? Or will they bring it to a party? Maybe they'll bring it to a bake sale. Maybe they will bring it for potluck.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Papier mâché after a fashion critter

A critter made of something like papier mache but not quite. Its just scrunched, well wetted, ,soaked, and formed/modeled newspaper. It dried a few days. The head/neck is not well attached but stays in there because the body dried up around it. I had to keep the whole creature on its side to dry, with the head resting a bit higher. There is no glue in this! It is an experiment. I love it though.

So this was prompted by thoughts from the other day:

...It just came to me why I have not been doing Paper Mache in so long. I need a big paint bucket. There is a way to make great pulp without precutting or tearing the paper. Just put whole sheets into a bucket of hot water and swish it around. Its been a while so I dont remember whether i soaked first or not. I think if you swish around while water is hot it falls apart faster. May have to change it a few times. I dont remember that either. (this is all my own discovery and Ive never seen it mentioned anywhere...) And then you pull the mess out and model a bit with it. Maybe strain too. but you can even get away without glue. Problem is the bucket is only good for this purpose from then on because all that printing ink gums up on the bucket. I think it comes out like the egg carton material. It is more like making paper. I had kids making good size easter eggs one year. Needs a good drying place because of its thickness. Now I must get myself a bucket!

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Circus comes to town, triangle circus figures, adult art class display, 3/25/19

Wonderful figures for the circus theme in adult art class today. Some instructions from me are too much like counting cards. No one has a head for making sense of such instructions. This will always be like that game 'telephone'. "Hunh, what did she say?" Who knows! We just have to hope we come up with penicillin,(well known accidental discovery, right?). But if you try to make an 'accident', is it still an accident?...

First we cut card stock into quarters. We used copy paper folded into quarters as a kind of 'ruler'. We cut the card stock up into postcards of a sort. We drew one triangle figures on each 'postcard'. We decorated/colored the figures. We cut them out. We arranged our figures on a full sheet of copy paper, sticking them down with tape loops. We traced the figures. We re-stuck the figures into another sheet of copy paper. Now we had papers with tracings on them to be colored etc later, and we had our arrangement with the cutouts - which you can see here. A student kindly let me use her camera to take a pic as mine was rebellious saying there was so room for anymore pic taking.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Cat and Pig on Juan Gris' Bday, digital phone drawings, 3/23/19

Cat and Pig on Juan Gris' Bday, digital phone drawings, 3/23/19. My
phone'semail are refusing to work, due to the constant battle for
storage space. I tried to trick it w msg! But also using this email at
the moment.

Of course these are my interpretations of Juan Gris painting!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Cat & Pig want French bread, digital phone drawings, 3/21/19

Hmmm -
where can they get it?
Can they find it, buy it, make it?
What is the best way?
Who has the best kind?
Where to get a good recipe?
How to make it?
How to choose?
How long will they keep looking or trying?

Monday, March 18, 2019

Dogsleds and huskies, adult art class display, 3/18/19

We started by working from reference photos. We did continuous line drawings from a couple photos of sled dog heads. Then we did a continuous line drawings of a full figured dog dog. Then we did a negative shape drawing - this is a light dog with a dark background.
We also did some drawings from stencil paintings that I've worked up from stencils freehand. Final drawing – do as you wish working from any of the reference material in full sheet scale.

Here are photos of my stencil paintings that we worked from. I paint them freehand from old stencils art that Dover books publishes. But the bottom two I painted stencil
style from photo references. Do a search for photos to use as references.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

St. Patrick's Day Celtic designs student art display, 3/11/19

Cat & Pig on Pi Day, digital phone drawings, 3/14/19

"The number π is a mathematical constant. Originally defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, it now has various equivalent definitions and appears in many formulas in all areas of mathematics and physics. It is approximately equal to 3.14159. "
Wikipedia, as answered in my google search.

Pi - also the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet, 'p'.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Frustrations of modern technology, painting critique, pork day digital drawings, making yogurt, winter, time changes - daily note from 3/7/19

Thursday, 3/7/19, 7:07 AM
Sunny? 4°
9:15 AM – temp  15°
12:11 PM - Oy, still in bed.
12:45 PM – leg exercises in bed ✅ 
1:45 PM – very late breakfast eaten. Corn tortillas with melted cheddar cheese, salsa. Corn tortillas baked in the Frypan frypan, with salsa. Tea with lemon and sugar.
4:08 PM - temp is up to 20°
 temp is up to 20° and it's sunny

"The Apple" a portrait by Lee Marion
Brings up interesting question. The person making this portrait is actually in the portrait by virtue of the Apple being cut. A cut fruit would rot by the time this portrait would have been completed, (assuming the subject posed for the painting). For that matter neither can one hold that pose long enough for the artist to paint it. ...or, is it done with the aid of photography? One could say such questions are irrelevant. But if they are there, then are they interfering with the message or the intention of the work? 
I deleted my comment. No responses but lots of people liked the image...

Then, I think I like the Keag store's lobster the best! Seems like theirs is always soft and sweet. Or maybe that is because I only get to go when they have shedders

Cat & Pig consider crown roast pork day. Touch drawing, 3/7/19 ❤️-CK

Cat & Pig - hmm, Pork day? 'Sig' drawing, 3/7/19. -CK

Let's see if yesterday's note gets thru to post. Blog does not like more than one post by email w pics per day. Yesterday's title -
Ash Wednesday and Cinderella, Missing cat, Mary Poppins, memory hog problems. Daily Note, 3/6/19

Making yogurt from about to turn commercial whole milk:
Tried to make yogurt yesterday eve. Does not seem to have worked. It's liquid instead of firm. 
Later- upon checking and tasting - I had put it in the fridge: the top part seems slippery. It still tastes like milk, still has a sweetness. The bottom half seems thicker. I did not bring that up to taste. I remembered one 'how to make yogurt' thread feedback that spoke of letting the yogurt ferment 24-48 hours. So I've put it back on the table. May be too cool to do any fermenting now... hopefully I can still cook with it somehow. Potato chowder, corn chowder. Beef stroganoff - needs mushrooms for that..

Frustrations of technology , (in this case graphic arts). 
It is so relative - so much one hates about this stuff. It's true purpose, which we forget constantly, is as simple as this is the best we presently have for connecting around the earth. Whether it gets better, who knows. But these are the current means at our disposal. We humans have such a strong need to connect that we'll do it in any way possible. No, this stuff is not easier or more efficient. It gets more complicated but that is because the economic engines have to be fed constantly to keep it all going! Deep down inside tho it is all part of our psyche/soul needs. Now, if only I can remember all this whenever I come up hard against the infuriating, (and numerous), aspects of this stuff...

What to do w relative's commercial art works. 
Start a blog and just start posting on a regular basis. Any of this is just an experiment. You can't just figure out how to do it before you do it. You have to try stuff and learn as you go. None of it is ever the way you expected or intended. Main objective is to get images out there where others can see them. Or maybe you have a different object. Or maybe the objective changes as soon as you start doing something. You can't know these things in advance. All the things people tell you you should do - they have no idea what is involved...

I think elementary school kids across the board got that wonderful classic carnation tissue project.

Frost on windows
These shots all make the case against replacement windows. Replacement windows can't get frost on them. So keep your old windows for such beauties!

Time change
Yes ! Heard the news a few hours ago. And now I see I like this yearly ritual of hours. It is so sad when it comes upon us in the fall, but then such a glorious relief and joy when it comes in spring. I hope they don't change it to no clock changes.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Cat & pig on Pork day, 3/7/19, digital phone drawings

Cat & Pig consider crown roast pork day. Digital phone  drawings, 3/7/19 ❤️-CK

They might prefer National Cereal Day.

Cat & Pig - hmm, 'Pork day'? 

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Ash Wednesday and Cinderella, Missing cat, Mary Poppins, memory hog problems. Daily Note, 3/6/19

Testing sending w/out pics..and that works!

Wednesday, 3/6/19, 8:03 AM Ash Wednesday
Send me, 13° weather Sunday
Send me 13° 
sunny 13°
2:15 PM 20° slightly overcast

10:44 AM – leg exercises in bed ✅ 

Decided to try posting previous day's daily note to blog. I realized I can edit on there rather than pre-editing from here.

Finally found where to change time zone on the blog posts  format. Took a long time to find it – it's really hidden. We'll see how it goes to post a daily note. At least I saw I don't have to do it at the end of the day. I could pre- edit in the mail form.

Cat & Pig see Cinderella ,(Ashenputtel), on Ash Wednesday. Touch drawing 3/6/19, ❤️-CK

On Mary Poppins movies...
Well, even the old MP was too pretty to be mp...- if you were/are fan of the books. Maybe if they'd changed her name! One of the whole points about the character is that she was NOT pretty and yet she always admired herself. That is a theme running thru the whole series, and a very important quality and teaching. 

LaCie Fuel Seagate media app
Fuel media files stored on my iPhone and taking up 1.5 GB memory/space

Several years ago I bought the Fuel storage device for my iPad. I had to use it through my browser because there was not enough memory to update the iPad for the app, (or anything else). 
Now I also have an iPhone, which does have the Fuel Seagate app. I don't understand why the media files are also stored as 1.5 GB of data on the Seagate media app. This seems to be separate than my camera roll. How do I get rid of this data? It is taking up too much space. I am always running out of space on the iPhone.

Is my cat two timing? To the owner of a missing cat:

I looked it up - not that close but possible. Sometimes he takes a long time to come home. I have to go down and call/whistle for him several times. In warmer weather I let him stay out all night. He does often come home from across Broadway. He's a Bigfoot - extra digit cat - all four paws.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Bit of path to present, Mardi Gras Cat & Pig digital phone drawings, Daily Note, 3/5/19

Tuesday, 3/5/19, 6:47 AM
Sunny, 15°
8:33 AM – leg exercises in bed ✅ 
9:39 AM – breakfast eaten, corn tortillas with cheddar cheese melted and salsa, black coffee Hannaford's breakfast blend. And Cat is out already.
11:10 AM ready and waiting!

Name Women artists 5+

O'Keeffe, Frida Kahlo, Mary Cassatt, Rosa Bonheur(sp?), Helen Frankenthaler?, Ree Morton, Dahlov Ipcar, Judy Chicago,

Rockland Maine. I moved here from NYC in '92 and have missed it ever since! A brother and sister live in NY.. Another sister lives in MI. Our family had moved to MI my second year in art school/college. But we'd been coming to Maine for awhile. Most ties to Mtc were lost a long time ago. Reconnecting with that past here on FB has been such a surprising experience. Our generations tended to move away from where they grew up and never expected to be returning. So it is such a surprise to see people as adults instead of how they were when we left them!

Cat and pig on Mardi Gras, 'sig' drawing, 3/5/19, – CK