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Monday, October 29, 2018

Halloween pumpkins Jack-o-lanterns and scenes, adult art class display, 10/29/18

We started with some faces features trying to make them scary rather than friendly! Then some exercises in feeling and expressing a pumpkin form. Finally we drew Halloween pumpkins and scenes as we wanted. Some people used my cards as models or inspirations.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday greeting message drawing, 10/28/18

Originally I drew in imessage as a live/touch message. I see that sharing it to here from the app results in a very low res image. This version is higher resolution because I saved the image to my camera roll and uploaded to here.

Sunday greeting touch drawing, 10/28/18

Originally a live 'touch' drawing I did in iMessages.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Bean supper drawing, black colored pencil, 10/25/18

Our neighbor made a delicious bean supper for us: Baked beans, ham, Boston brown bread. Another neighbor made cherry pie and mud pie. Someone brought wine. We spoke of elk crossings seen on the recent solo drive out west.

'New day enjoy' cat, digi drawing made in iMessage app, by CK, 10/25/18

Have, (and make), a lovely day!

Mexican(?) Squash pan tortlette dessert invention, 10/24/18

Two corn tortillas stacked and cut in half
Thin sliced pats of butter
Sprinkled w salt and sugar
Spread with canned squash, (maybe 2T each half?)
Thin slices butter over the squash
Sprinkling of salt
Liberal sprinkling of sugar
Sprinkling (liberal) of cinnamon powder over all.

Place in the cast iron fry pan that has been preheating on the stovetop. Cover and cook on the stovetop til it is bubbling, melting over the edges, caramelizing, and browned underneath, (hopefully not burned).

Next time I might try a bit of flour in the squash to gelatinize it more. This was good. I stopped to draw up the design paper to help the pic, so this is not just off the heat. Looks different cooled than hot.

Only calling it 'Mexican' because of the tortillas.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Morning coffee cat, digital touch drawing, 10/24/18

I am looking for a way to do these live drawing animations(?) so I can share them rather than just keep within an iMessage app. What is such an app called? Not Screencast. That shows your device's screen on another screen. I want something that captures what you draw as you draw and results in a video....

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Pumpkin faces and autumn scenes, children's art class, student drawings, (adult & child), 10/23/18

The other day the topic was to be pumpkins and pumpkin patches. But we made jacko-lantern masks and related paper crafts. Today's topic was to be fall scenes. The child requested we draw pumpkin faces, since that last time had been as a 'craft'. I thought I gave hints that I might be willing for us to do the faces.

Well, the child became so eager to get drawing with whatever and so completely assumed that the request just was not an option, that once I began drawing the requested subject, there was no guessing what it was. Yes, there were eyebrows. Yes, there was a nose. Yes, there was a mouth. But these were on perhaps a pomegranate. "What is a pomegranate anyway?"

My demo must have been a terrible pumpkin! I finally had to say what it was!

We also did a fall scene of the woods, birch trees in particular.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Autumn landscape scenes and practices, student display, adult drawing class, 10/22/18

We did conceptual or schematic practices of tree forms for warm up exercises. Final drawings class worked from my painting of an imagined fall scene. You can browse the print and products in my fineartamerica gallery shown below.

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Or, download a printable notecard from my etsy shop, ($3.95).

Fall scenes with schematic practices and exercises, adult art class, 10/22/18


We started with schematic drawings of forms such as cones spears and blocks with basic hatching to describe the form. Then we did an exercise of drawing the background in color around vertical white stripes. These white stripes or strips then got little marks to represent those marks on Birch tree bark. Some texture in the background can create the effect of leaves and foliage.

The final drawings students did from a painting I had done from my imagination of an autumn scene.

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Last Mexican pan pizza from that can of crushed tomatoes, 10/22/18

It has eyes and ears - all the dribblings from overflow into the pan

Have a nice day cat drawing, 10/22/18

Done in phone's messenger app. Live then. Here as it finished.

Handwritten messages - tiny made in my phone

Wonder how big or little these will be in a blog post. I made them in my phone's messages app.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Fw: November programs children's drawing classes with Catinka Knoth at Rockland Library, 2018

Press Release - Themes for November Children's Drawing Classes at
Rockland Library, 2018

Rockland -  "Let's Draw in Celebration of Native American Heritage
Month, Thanksgiving, and the Coming of Winter!" is the November program
for the ongoing free drawing classes led by Catinka Knoth at Rockland
Public Library. Children will explore such motifs as woodland animals;
Native American designs, lodging, hunting, and game; and foods and
family gatherings.  Knoth leads children age 6 and up in these "follow
along" sessions every Tuesday, 4-5 pm, in the library's Community Room,
80 Union Street. Children 10 and under should be accompanied by an
adult. Knoth expects participants to be able to work independently and
encourages adults to join in the drawing fun.  Local patrons Wendy and
Keith Wellin sponsor the program, which is free with all materials
supplied, and hosted by Friends of Rockland Library. Contact Jean
Young, children's librarian, at 594-0310 for more information.

Each week is a different subject:
11/06    Let's Draw Deer!
11/13    Let's Draw Woodland Critters - Bears, raccoons, foxes,
chipmunks, squirrels, and mice !
11/20    Let's Draw Turkeys, a Pilgrim Feast, and a Cornucopia for
11/27  Let's Draw Native American Designs and Motifs!

Attachments: art by Catinka Knoth


Catinka Knoth
241 Broadway, Apt B
Rockland, ME 04841
207 691-5544

My website:


Prints at Fine Art America

Facebook 'Biz/Fan' Page

Youtube channel:

'Catinka's expenses fund' campaign at GoFundMe:

Fw: November adult art programs at Rockland Library with Catinka Knoth, 2018

October 20, 2018

Woodland Animals and November Themes Adult Art Workshop Series with
Catinka Knoth at Rockland Public Library, 2018

Rockland - Catinka Knoth will teach drawing woodland animals and themes
of November, with a focus on drawing in color, 11 a.m. Mondays, in the
Community Room, Rockland Public Library, 80 Union St. Knoth leads
participants in working with colored pencils and crayons to create their
own colored drawings of woodland animals and
November themes. Students will use a variety of exercises and methods to
help develop new ways of seeing, observing, and designing. Knoth
provides the classes free of charge and open to the general public, with
materials supplied; Friends of Rockland Library host. FMI Rockland Library at 594-0310.

Knoth will give instruction and guidance in drawing November's themes.
Each week is a different subject, as follows:

11/05      Deer
11/12      Library closed for Veterans Day
11/19.    Woodland animals & wild turkeys
11/26      Native American motifs

Knoth paints watercolors of Maine and whimsical animal scenes, which she
offers as cards and prints. She teaches a free weekly children's drawing
class at Rockland Public Library, sponsored by Wendy and Keith Wellin.
For more information about Knoth's work visit

attachments - art and photos by Catinka Knoth and students
Catinka Knoth
241 Broadway, Apt B
Rockland, ME 04841

My website:


Prints at Fine Art America

Facebook 'Biz/Fan' Page

Youtube channel:

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Fwd: Cat in the jack-o-lantern pumpkin patch, black colored pencil line drawing, 10/18/18

Cat in the jack-lantern pumpkin patch. Haha - the phone won't let me take more pics - out of storage. Bypass that by taking the pic in/from Instagram. It even stores it to your own camera roll on the phone. I had only tried it so that it would be saved somewhere. ...this drawing is on paper, black colored pencil.

Catinka Knoth
241 Broadway, Apt B
Rockland, ME 04841
207 691-5544

My website:


Prints at Fine Art America

Facebook 'Biz/Fan' Page

Youtube channel:

'Catinka's expenses fund' campaign at GoFundMe:

--- On Thu, 10/18/18, Catherine C. Knoth

Monday, October 15, 2018

Autumn leaves and crayon rubbings, student art display, adult drawing class, 10/15/18

Autumn leaves
Students had picked leaves before hand in anticipation of the days subject. We had plenty of beautiful red Maple leaves to choose from.

We started with a blind contour drawing of a leaf. What no tracing? No, but pretend you are tracing it with your finger or your pencil. In fact, use a black colored pencils.
Work silently
keep your pencil on the paper.
Go slowly - as if you were a bug or as if you were tracing with your finger.
Next time I must remind class, if they finish early they are doing this too quickly, and they should at least take another leaf and do it again.

Next we did actual tracings of the leaves one or two.

Third exercise: Free hand cut several leaves or leaf shapes out of a piece of paper so that the background piece is whole. Cut smoothly, as continuously as possible.

Arrange the loose leaf shapes onto another piece of paper. Overlay a blank sheet on that so that you have in effect a leaf sandwich!
Rub over the leaf shapes with various colors of broken crayon. Color in the background around the leaf to the edge of the paper with dark crayons.

Color a blank sheet of paper in a dark color. Overlay the white one piece background paper onto the colored paper. Admire that!

Final drawings - have at it as you want! Most of the students wanted to do crayon rubbings and so they did this on copy paper because they didn't think it would work on card stock. But one student tried the card stock and found out it does work.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cat with pumpkin & fall leaves, b/w digital phone drawing, 7:30 am, 10/14/18, Catinka Knoth

This cat is carrying a pumpkin. Where is he going with the pumpkin? Is the bird teasing the cat? Maybe the bird and the cat are buddies! Is the cat going to carve a pumpkin face? Will the cat make pumpkin pie? Does he know what he wants to do with the pumpkin? Will the cat and the bird have pumpkin pie together?

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Pumpkin patches & scarecrows and Masks! Children's drawing class, 10/09/18

We drew with scissors today to make our pumpkin masks. What you can't see is the headband for the masks. It is made from a slip of paper folded and cut in such a way that it ends up as a long bouncy string or garland. It is attached to the mask by slit interlocking tabs. Then some cheating with glue and tape.

We cut the masks freehand. No predrawing! We also made paperchains of 4 tiny jack-o-lanterns.
This YouTube video shows how to make that paper chain. We made much smaller ones.

Download the  demo drawings pdfs for coloring pages to print out.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

BlueJays? Pop up coloring card experiment, 10/06/18

The mechanics need work. I had just seen a sweet popup card done in watercolor, from the Toymaker, Marilyn Scott-Water. The bird sits on a tree branch in front of an autumn lake scene. In her model, the bird comes off a long center trunk. I have lots more figuring out to do on this. I drew it quickly and directly in black crayon. That way you can print these out and play with them. I'll convert them to high contrast images later.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Autumn leaves - drawings, papercuts, crayon rubbings - children's art class 10/02/18

A pouring rainy late afternoon, and there were still not that many colorful leaves about. We drew and colored from a reference page of leaf models - maple, oak, and birch. We cut freehand leaves and then made crayon rubbings with them. To draw the leaves we start with the vein structure. It is like a skeleton. From there we draw the contour outline of the leaf. However it turns out will be beautiful.

I wish I could remember all the leaf jokes and puns I heard last year. Things like you leave me pining for you. We maple that tree down next year. Of course these oaks are not as funny as those I heard last year. Hard to come up with them at the drop of a hat and it can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Yep, it can be a birch.

Apple spheres and apple boughs, student art display, adult drawing class, 10/1/18

We started with some follow-along practices on drawing spheres. Just a single line encircling a circle can give a feeling of form to a flat disc. We drew several and added basic hatching or shading to convey the form. Color over the whole sphere makes a conceptual apple.

We did continuous line drawings from my reference photos of apple boughs at an apple orchard. Then we either added color to those drawings or drew again to have both a line drawing and a color drawing.

You can find my reference photos on my other blog, CKNotes

And here, hopefully, is a PDF of a similar lesson, with watercolor and crayon illustrations to print out.