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Monday, October 15, 2018

Autumn leaves and crayon rubbings, student art display, adult drawing class, 10/15/18

Autumn leaves
Students had picked leaves before hand in anticipation of the days subject. We had plenty of beautiful red Maple leaves to choose from.

We started with a blind contour drawing of a leaf. What no tracing? No, but pretend you are tracing it with your finger or your pencil. In fact, use a black colored pencils.
Work silently
keep your pencil on the paper.
Go slowly - as if you were a bug or as if you were tracing with your finger.
Next time I must remind class, if they finish early they are doing this too quickly, and they should at least take another leaf and do it again.

Next we did actual tracings of the leaves one or two.

Third exercise: Free hand cut several leaves or leaf shapes out of a piece of paper so that the background piece is whole. Cut smoothly, as continuously as possible.

Arrange the loose leaf shapes onto another piece of paper. Overlay a blank sheet on that so that you have in effect a leaf sandwich!
Rub over the leaf shapes with various colors of broken crayon. Color in the background around the leaf to the edge of the paper with dark crayons.

Color a blank sheet of paper in a dark color. Overlay the white one piece background paper onto the colored paper. Admire that!

Final drawings - have at it as you want! Most of the students wanted to do crayon rubbings and so they did this on copy paper because they didn't think it would work on card stock. But one student tried the card stock and found out it does work.

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