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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Pumpkin faces and autumn scenes, children's art class, student drawings, (adult & child), 10/23/18

The other day the topic was to be pumpkins and pumpkin patches. But we made jacko-lantern masks and related paper crafts. Today's topic was to be fall scenes. The child requested we draw pumpkin faces, since that last time had been as a 'craft'. I thought I gave hints that I might be willing for us to do the faces.

Well, the child became so eager to get drawing with whatever and so completely assumed that the request just was not an option, that once I began drawing the requested subject, there was no guessing what it was. Yes, there were eyebrows. Yes, there was a nose. Yes, there was a mouth. But these were on perhaps a pomegranate. "What is a pomegranate anyway?"

My demo must have been a terrible pumpkin! I finally had to say what it was!

We also did a fall scene of the woods, birch trees in particular.

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