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Sunday, April 5, 2020

A friend brings me Chicken Soup (Chx Soup part 2) blog post Sunday, 4/5/20, Palm Sunday

Chicken Soup part 2 blog post Sunday, 4/5/20, Palm Sunday

Oh my sweet stuff.
I had drawn a pic about chx soup for B. I ended up writing a blog post about my own cooking mess and shared to FB.

Then came a msg from a friend. She was making chx soup to be ready in about 3 hours. She wanted to bring me some. (And she'd been making it w 7 year old granddaughter.) I told her I'd make a drawing for the child - what subject? A kitty cat. I've done the cat cooking the soup. It's printed out but I'll email too. It's hanging in my mail slot. They're on their way . Should be here any minute.

Soo nice and now I feel so much better about our mess going on in the world right now. This is special but even more so because of this 'storm'.

Well, she left me a whole care package bag. The lovely soup in a big jar. In the bag was also all the fixings to make another soup:
Canned chicken, (like canned tuna).
2 onions
Baggies of cut up baby carrots and celery
1 tomato
2 oranges
2 apples, (1 green, 1 red)
4 snack boxes raisins
Sleeve of crackers
1 pkg shitaki stuff to make some dish w an egg
1 package to make a serving miso soup
A container of yellow cake w gooey pink frosting
Jar of strawberry preserves
2 little serving cups of frozen strawberries, (except I did not realize they'd been frozen - I'll have to figure out something to make with them in the morning)

To have some of the soup, I had to work really hard at scraping my burned pot. My other little pot is buried under so much stuff in the dish drainer all threatening to crash down as a house of cards.

The thick black crust did come off the pot with just the spatula, salt, and elbow grease.

I've had a serving of soup. Delicious. But at this point just hot water would have been delicious, being so touched by the whole act.

My cat cooking chicken soup drawing - they had not collected. I'll send by email. I made it into a 4 up post card layout and a frenchfold notecard. E had said her granddaughter had been so excited about getting a drawing by a 'real' artist. (Thank goodness she wanted a kitty cat drawing!)

The experience was so heartwarming and full of feeling connected with others. And, so good to whip up a drawing for someone and quickly put into a form that others can use. There are of course low tech ways to do this - just draw on a piece of paper! Remember how wonderful to draw on a real slate blackboard with chalk? Or on pavement,
Soo nice and now I feel so much better about our mess, (the world). This is special but even more so because of this 'storm'. There is so much to be done.