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Friday, March 30, 2018

Happy Spring Tune You! - eggs, color scene, pop-up b/w drawing

This was supposed to be a popup card but I just haven't got the tricks worked out. Hopefully I'll get to work it out, but maybe you will try it too. It does not have to be a pop-up!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Happy Spring & Easter - student display, adult art class, 3/26/18

We had a long warm-up practice of 'feeling' the egg form or imagining it. Carry your lines around the form and you end up conveying or expressing it quite simply. Imagining or feeling it gives more of a feel on the paper than trying hard to make it 'look' like it. By pretending and imagining a thing you express it so much better.

For final drawing I actually did a full sheet line drawing for class to follow and work from.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Circus comes to town in March - triangle acrobats and clowns, student art display, adult drawing class, 3/19/18

On quarter pieces of card stock we created figures made of triangles. Then we colored and ornamented the figures. They were to be cut out and mounted to sticks as stick puppets. But most wanted to keep their figures as cards. One person cut out the figures and tipped in as an arrangement on a larger sheet.

Free April Art Workshops for Adults, with Catinka Knoth, at Rockland Library, 2018

Press Release: 


Free April Art Workshops for Adults, with Catinka Knoth, at Rockland 

Library, 2018 

Rockland - Catinka Knoth will lead a drawing workshop series for 

adults, on creating 'April Art'. Attendees will explore themes such as papercuts to celebrate  fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen, 

Cherry trees and the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival; spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils; and frogs. Classes meet 11 a.m. Mondays, April 2, 

9, 23, & 30, (the Library closes for Patriots Day, 4/16); in the 

Community Room, Rockland Public 

Library, 80 Union St. Led by Knoth, participants will create their 

own art. Knoth provides the classes free of charge, with materials 

supplied. Friends of Rockland Library host the workshops, which are 

open to the public. FMI Knoth at 691-5544 or Rockland Library at 


Knoth will provide instruction and guidance in drawing and creating the 

April themes. Each week is a different subject. Participants will work 

with pencil, colored pencil, and crayon, and sometimes scissors, with a 

focus on drawing in color. 

4/02 Papercuts and fairy tales in honor of HC Andersen 

4/09 Cherry trees and the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival  

4/16 No Class - Library closed for Patriots' Day 

4/23 Spring Flowers - Tulips, daffodils 

4/30 Frogs and lilyponds

Knoth paints watercolors of Maine and whimsical animal scenes, which 

she offers as cards and prints. She also teaches a free weekly 

children's drawing class, at Rockland Public Library, 

sponsored by Wendy and Keith Wellin. For more information about Knoth's 



More art may follow 

Attachments: Art/photos by Catinka Knoth

April Children's Drawing Classes with Catinka Knoth at Rockland Library, 2018

Press Release: 

March 21, 2018

"Let's Draw April Awakenings!" - Children's Drawing Classes at Rockland 

Library, 2018 

Rockland -  Children will draw in celebration of Spring this April at 

Rockland Public Library. Participants draw along with artist Catinka 

Knoth as she demonstrates. Subjects may include fairy tale papercuts in 

honor of Hans Christian Andersen's birthday; Koi kites and cherry trees for the Japanese Spring Festival; baby 

animals such as bunnies, puppies, kittens, lambs, and colts; spring 

peepers,  birds' nests and fledglings; and spring flowers such as 

crocuses, daffodils, and tulips. 

 "Let's Draw April Awakenings!" 

2018 schedule

4/03   Papercuts, HC Andersen fairy tales   

4/10  Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, koi kites

4/17  Spring peepers, baby animals, birds nests

4/24  Spring flowers 

The ongoing workshops, sponsored by Wendy and Keith Wellin, for age 6 

and up, (including the young at heart), are free and open to the 

public. Library policy requests that children age 10 and under  have an 

adult accompany them. Knoth expects participants to be able to work 

independently for the most part.  Classes provide all materials and 

meet every Tuesday, 4-5 pm., Community Room, Rockland Public Library, 

80 Union St., hosted by Friends of Rockland Library. FMI - Jean Young, 

children's librarian, 594-0310. 

More art may follow...

Attachments: Demonstration art and photos by Catinka Knoth

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sled dogs, dogsled teams, huskies - student art displays, adults & kids drawing classes, 3/5-6/18

In honor of the Iditarod dogsled races, in Alaska, and the shorter versions, (250 miles), we have in Maine, in March:

Kids class made the abstracted papercut dogsled teams. Working with scissors can be a challenge until one has had plenty of practice - even just to hold the scissors in a functional way! Same goes for drawing tools- pencils & crayons. We did used to learn that in school....

Adults worked from reference photos.
A) a blind continuous line drawing
B) continuous line drawing
C) dark background colored in, (negative space), creates white dog
D) dark area of dog portrait

Final drawings - work from any of the reference pics as you wish, including my renditions of silhouette stencil style dogs. Wish I could find digital files of the reference photos. Had found them online ages ago. Plenty more out there to work from.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Origami dog, 3/4/18

I found the instructions online - think I got it. Instructions so easily confuse.  This one is not really that hard but trying to understand and keep the instructions straight is what is hard. I had to keep breaking away from it until I could have another go at deciphering.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Dog papercuts continue, 3/3/18

Violet-red crayon colored quarter sheet copy paper, freehand papercut. One continuous cut gives a colored image and a colored background piece, (that gives a white figure. Make tracings before you tip the papercuts onto background support sheets.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Dog papercut, red violet crayon, 3/2/18. Chinese New Year - Year of the Dog.

Color a quarter sheet copy paper with red crayon.
Try to freehand cut a dog silhouette, with one continuous line or cut.
This means the dog needs to be attached in one place - probably from wherever you started.
Start with the back paw, go up the back leg, up the rump, around the tail, (which does not need to be shaggy), around the back, up the back of the neck, around the ears, over the fore head, along the snout, around the nose and into the mouth, along the chin, down the neck, a bit of chest, around one of the front legs, now the other leg, up the rib cage, down the haunch, around the legs back to the back leg.
That back leg is attached at the paw.
Move right into the frame, (back in the direction you just came from), going all the way around the frame and back into that back paw. BUT,
keep the back paw attached so that you have two pieces of paper – the dog attached to the frame in color, and the cut-out background piece.
You can lay that colored background piece on a white back sheet. This will give you a white dog.
You can lay that background piece with the white side up onto a sheet of paper in another color - any kind that you wish.
Lots more that you can do with these!