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Friday, March 2, 2018

Dog papercut, red violet crayon, 3/2/18. Chinese New Year - Year of the Dog.

Color a quarter sheet copy paper with red crayon.
Try to freehand cut a dog silhouette, with one continuous line or cut.
This means the dog needs to be attached in one place - probably from wherever you started.
Start with the back paw, go up the back leg, up the rump, around the tail, (which does not need to be shaggy), around the back, up the back of the neck, around the ears, over the fore head, along the snout, around the nose and into the mouth, along the chin, down the neck, a bit of chest, around one of the front legs, now the other leg, up the rib cage, down the haunch, around the legs back to the back leg.
That back leg is attached at the paw.
Move right into the frame, (back in the direction you just came from), going all the way around the frame and back into that back paw. BUT,
keep the back paw attached so that you have two pieces of paper – the dog attached to the frame in color, and the cut-out background piece.
You can lay that colored background piece on a white back sheet. This will give you a white dog.
You can lay that background piece with the white side up onto a sheet of paper in another color - any kind that you wish.
Lots more that you can do with these!

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