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Friday, July 13, 2012

FW: Testing mobile blogging at using my yahoo mail

A 3rd attempt to post the attached string of posts. This is thru yahoo webmail, using a little straighttalk samsung glider phone. Sent to the secret blogger email address. MMS has not worked so far.
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Sent: Fri, Jul 13, 2012 4:31 PM EDT
Subject: FW: Testing mobile blogging at using my yahoo mail

The post below did not work as directed. One had to go thru a registering of my mobile device - not via the email address given in the instructions. So far nothing specific about how to post by email. Just trying it again now that my device is registered. Let's see what happens....!
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Sent: Fri, Jul 13, 2012 11:44 AM EDT
Subject: Testing mobile blogging at using my yahoo mail

If this works, will it also work with a simple text and/or pic message? Let's see if the address for it is right. It has been a lack not to be able to update my other blog by email. That used to work, but when the host changed things, that was one of the options they dropped. Perhaps there had been too much spam? It seems this 'test' would be setting up a new blog. We'll see how one names the blog, or if one even can. What other questions about this? First we'll see if it works. Btw, this is all typed on a little straighttalk samsung slider. Once it dawned on me to use my thumbs instead of jabbing with my index finger, it became much easier. The phone seemed useless at first!

Going nuts trying to figure out how to post to blogger either by email or mobile device.

Nothing seems to be working.... the usual frustrations with modern
technologies - that we are so entranced by. We think they are magic.
Sometimes it seems as if they only work 51% of the time, if that! It is
the intermittent reward feedback loop that has its powerful sway over

My mobile tells me the email address for posting to blogger is an
invalid address.... Round and round we go...Sending this via regular
email (except it is not the one registered to blogger) to see if the
email address will work now. It should work because blogger tells you
not to give out the address as anyone using the address could then post
to the blog.