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Friday, March 8, 2019

Frustrations of modern technology, painting critique, pork day digital drawings, making yogurt, winter, time changes - daily note from 3/7/19

Thursday, 3/7/19, 7:07 AM
Sunny? 4°
9:15 AM – temp  15°
12:11 PM - Oy, still in bed.
12:45 PM – leg exercises in bed ✅ 
1:45 PM – very late breakfast eaten. Corn tortillas with melted cheddar cheese, salsa. Corn tortillas baked in the Frypan frypan, with salsa. Tea with lemon and sugar.
4:08 PM - temp is up to 20°
 temp is up to 20° and it's sunny

"The Apple" a portrait by Lee Marion
Brings up interesting question. The person making this portrait is actually in the portrait by virtue of the Apple being cut. A cut fruit would rot by the time this portrait would have been completed, (assuming the subject posed for the painting). For that matter neither can one hold that pose long enough for the artist to paint it. ...or, is it done with the aid of photography? One could say such questions are irrelevant. But if they are there, then are they interfering with the message or the intention of the work? 
I deleted my comment. No responses but lots of people liked the image...

Then, I think I like the Keag store's lobster the best! Seems like theirs is always soft and sweet. Or maybe that is because I only get to go when they have shedders

Cat & Pig consider crown roast pork day. Touch drawing, 3/7/19 ❤️-CK

Cat & Pig - hmm, Pork day? 'Sig' drawing, 3/7/19. -CK

Let's see if yesterday's note gets thru to post. Blog does not like more than one post by email w pics per day. Yesterday's title -
Ash Wednesday and Cinderella, Missing cat, Mary Poppins, memory hog problems. Daily Note, 3/6/19

Making yogurt from about to turn commercial whole milk:
Tried to make yogurt yesterday eve. Does not seem to have worked. It's liquid instead of firm. 
Later- upon checking and tasting - I had put it in the fridge: the top part seems slippery. It still tastes like milk, still has a sweetness. The bottom half seems thicker. I did not bring that up to taste. I remembered one 'how to make yogurt' thread feedback that spoke of letting the yogurt ferment 24-48 hours. So I've put it back on the table. May be too cool to do any fermenting now... hopefully I can still cook with it somehow. Potato chowder, corn chowder. Beef stroganoff - needs mushrooms for that..

Frustrations of technology , (in this case graphic arts). 
It is so relative - so much one hates about this stuff. It's true purpose, which we forget constantly, is as simple as this is the best we presently have for connecting around the earth. Whether it gets better, who knows. But these are the current means at our disposal. We humans have such a strong need to connect that we'll do it in any way possible. No, this stuff is not easier or more efficient. It gets more complicated but that is because the economic engines have to be fed constantly to keep it all going! Deep down inside tho it is all part of our psyche/soul needs. Now, if only I can remember all this whenever I come up hard against the infuriating, (and numerous), aspects of this stuff...

What to do w relative's commercial art works. 
Start a blog and just start posting on a regular basis. Any of this is just an experiment. You can't just figure out how to do it before you do it. You have to try stuff and learn as you go. None of it is ever the way you expected or intended. Main objective is to get images out there where others can see them. Or maybe you have a different object. Or maybe the objective changes as soon as you start doing something. You can't know these things in advance. All the things people tell you you should do - they have no idea what is involved...

I think elementary school kids across the board got that wonderful classic carnation tissue project.

Frost on windows
These shots all make the case against replacement windows. Replacement windows can't get frost on them. So keep your old windows for such beauties!

Time change
Yes ! Heard the news a few hours ago. And now I see I like this yearly ritual of hours. It is so sad when it comes upon us in the fall, but then such a glorious relief and joy when it comes in spring. I hope they don't change it to no clock changes.

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