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Monday, November 23, 2020

Cat and Pig Share Espresso, phone drawings, 11/23/20

 Cat and Pig Share Espresso, phone drawings, 11/23/20

Which cafe’s did they go to for their espressos?
Did they ever have espresso before?
Did they understand what it would be like?
The cups are small.
Maybe they’ll try Turkish coffee too. Is Turkish coffee the same as espresso?

What made them think of having espresso? Where did they have espresso? Could they have some at their homes? What else did they have with their espresso? When might they have it again? Did they like their espresso? 

Cat and Pig find espresso. ‘touch’ drawing, 11/23/20,❤️- CK


Cat and Pig enjoy espresso, ‘sig’ drawing, 11/23/20, - CK

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