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Monday, September 12, 2016

Testing gif image upload again. Star watches cat climb into boat, ink drawing.

Previously i posted several gif files of some cat and star ink drawings. Gif files are the usual format i use for black and white images. But in Blogger they looked terrible. From the blog post overall you could hardly see them. If you click on them they look like white line drawings on black backgrounds. I had posted them by email and cc'd myself. The images in the cc show nicely in the email. I save them to my camera roll. Now in the camera roll they are each pasted on top of other pics there. Opening the image again shows that negative line drawing. Send it to email, i looks fine here now. I am sending this to blogger to repost. We'll see how it shows - a test.

This is one of the drawings from the book/story/coloring book i've been working on and off for years. Comes and goes in spurts. Here: in which Star watches Cat as he climbs into his boat for some sleep.

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