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Monday, September 12, 2016

Butterflies and barns, student drawings from kids and adult art classes, 9/6/16 & 9/12/16

We made our own papercut templates for butterflies, with very liberal interpretations of Monarchs. With some inside cutting one can get interesting mirror patterns. A thin paper template is not that easy to trace around. Some chose to decorate or color the actual papercut. Some redrew freehand butterflies. We have some other themes in the display as well!

The barns: we did exercises in coloring somewhat architectural plane shapes - one version is to draw the shape in outline and color it in, the next version is to color it into an imaginary outline. After some practice we worked from the reference photo, Harjula's barn here on Rte 131, in Maine, a previous September's scene. It was an experiment to see what happens if you draw the basics of the barn and scene in black crayon as in the coloring in practice, and then work some color on top of this drawing. It would be a kind of grisaille crayon drawing.

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