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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Testing if stylus draws in Mail just as iPencil is supposed to... digital drawings, 2/5/20

And now I’m in mail on the phone and will insert the pic I 

Yes, it does. It just drags on the surface, its sticky. Finger or fingernail work too. I drew here in mail on iPad and saved it. That took it off the screen. I better be able to attach that now from the camera roll. Oh boy if i cant find it...!  Yes... just insert.

drew w stylus in notes.
Will it appear same size as iPad drawing done in mail?
Phone screen size for drawing in Notes is c. 2.75 x 3” ?

It did that weird thing of turning black with colored lines when it enlarged for choosing....but normal once inserted.

I’ll try a dreaded finger drawing, in the phone mail. Ugh. 
Every thing is out of order here now though since this was originally written in email I hopes of posting to blog by email. That blog platform only works 50% of the time! I keep trying it because if it does work it’s easier!

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