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Thursday, February 6, 2020

My angel figure, after those Neopolitan angels...

 A beautiful marionette puppet showed up in a marionette puppet group I follow. Puppets so often are charicatures. I prefer the lovely beautiful kind. But puppets have strings attached, magical though they may be. The one I refer to has beauty and reminds me that I want to make a doll. 

I did make one several years ago. I was trying for something like the Neopolitan Christmas angels. Mine started with my making 5 heads of sculpey clay and wire up through the head for the halos. After that the heads waited for me to make something of them. Only one became a figure, an angel.... sometime between 1995 and 2004 I’m guessing. I did not finish it because I did not know how to resolve the hands or the wings.

“An angel ‘doll’ I made has sculpey head I think, and some plaster stuff for hands. Thought they’d be carveable. Body is wire armature wrapped in thin sock stripping. The robes are some kind of velour, with a wire around the hem of the skirt. I wanted a poseable like the Neopolitan angels. The wings in this keep falling off - they are just wrapping paper and not properly fastened.” -CK

If I add a string to his halo perhaps he can also be a sort of marionette, or at least qualify to show in that group. I’d better make a video for this angel

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