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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Ribbon chapel, Gypsy ‘boo’ girl face - Doodle dine session #43, 1/31/21

My drawings from  Doodle Dine Session #43, 1/31/21

Images remembered at random

  1. Something ? - I came in at #2
  2. The ribbon chapel, by Hiroshi Nakamura
  3. Gypsy ‘boo’ girl face
  4. Zigfield Follies sisters Dolly and who(?)dancers Ziegfield follies
  5. Shack or house in a snow scene, house is leaning
  6. Still life with vase and sphere
  7. Top of a soda can with the fliptop all opened 
  8. Duckling swimming - seen at waterline
  9. A  ram with big curly horns I think that was in the set. I did two different versions
  10. Needle and scissors and thimble
  11. Another curvilinear architectural structure 

My drawings from virtual sketch session, #43, 1/31/21

The host, Liz Popiel, has curated a set of images, (whether photos or art), for us to draw that session. They start with short times, 3 min.) ,set to a timer, and continue to longer ‘Poses’, c. 20 min, as if they were models posing. Participants hold up their work, if willing, between each image. This is all done over the Zoom platform.

Oh boy- and now FB is taking my blogposts as spam? Won’t allow me to link to these???? What can be in violation?

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