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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Yellow happy dog, butterfly shapes - my drawings from sip n sketch session number 43, 2/5/21

My  drawings from sip n sketch session number 43, 2/5/21

Remembered at random, a little better chrono order now?

  1. Golden snake form
  2. butterfly and flower
  3. Nerdy glasses on the yellow background
  4. Orchid flowers on the yellow side
  5. Dark skin women in long yellow flowing clothes against the blue sky
  6. Golden yellow lab retriever dog laughing with tongue hanging out
  7. Architectural angular slightly curving forms with yellowish walls
  8. Long eared owl or Great horned owl
  9. Hawk with his handler those people out there in the Steppes - Mongolians 
  10. Afghani man in turban, light colored eyes - blue, green, gold, hazel

Got discouraged about my postings because suddenly FB is calling them spam and not letting me link to them.

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