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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Tulip bouquet line drawing demos video

.... Wow - I can share this right to my blog via the sharer, and I can choose which blog it goes to. I have been doing it by getting the code and embedding it. Turns out this is a sharer option that apparently puts it right into a blog post.

No, it did not work! I had to go back for the embed code and put it in by hand. ...That is not working either now?

I took a pics  of the  drawings with the laptop cam.  Low-res it seems. Sent them up to convert to high contrast. This is the crayon drawing. The brush drawing did not convert well because of the varied tones. At this size though it is too small to be a decent coloring page. I'll have to take a pic by other means. (I hate dealing with the scanner. So much easier to just take a pic. But then there are all those uneven lighting problems. All used to be handled by a handy online whiteboard conversion app. It no longer exists. I have been searching, futily so far, for a decent replacement.

The laptop camera takes the pic wrong reading - hence the backward date. Wonder if google/blogger will reverse it on upload?

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