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Friday, April 28, 2017

Tulips, Peepers, Baby Animals - student art, both kids' and adult drawing classes, 4/24/17 & 4/25/17

We had to make up our tulips for the tulip art projects, hence the schematic construction approach. We did some practice follow along exercises, working from simple to complex. Then we did a freehand full sheet papercut to use as a stencil. Lots of ways to use the stencil then. Color a background sheet. Trace the stencil on another sheet. Color in the drawing. Or, color in the actual stencil on a blank sheet. Once finished using the stencil, attach it to the dark background sheet as a piece itself. I think we also did a large drawing of just coloring in the negative shapes working freehand without outline, using one of the practice exercises as the reference.

Kids' class we started with April's spring peepers as the first subject. For the baby animals subject we chose kittens and bunnies, working from illustrations by Garth Williams in the Little Golden Book My First Counting Book, by Lillian Moore.


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