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Friday, August 16, 2019

Walk around the corner - some flowers, the brook, puddles - 8/16/19

Camera/phone ran out of space again. Lots of flowers I would have loved to take pics of. That will perhaps give the incentive to do this again.

First there were these puddles on the sidewalk. Of course - we did have a good short rain this morning...

There were some lovely patches of clover - the kind that tastes good. And some oak leaves knocked down. I hope it is too soon for color change.

Then there was the brook. I have not looked at that for a few years.

And a magenta flox type flower, with a lovely stone wall in the background. 

On my return home i stopped at a brush pile and took a spray of curling dead leaves. I may try to draw later.

The cat greeted me when I got home. The mosquitos were after us already so we did not sit

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