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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Cherry blossoms and trees - student display, adult art class, 4/22/19

Student drawing in sketch book:

Class display of drawings and practices for the cherry blossoms and trees project. Some of the reference pics are stills/frames  from a time lapse video on the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens cherry blossom festival website:

My answer to a question asking how we go about doing cherry trees - is there a technique or just freehand?

CK - No set technique! I'm just exploring and experimenting each time. Some concepts I do keep using: Sky shapes first if they show. If they are white, I make them blue. I keep moving from there - green shapes for grass and backgrounds etc. At some point it's the tree trunks and branches. Not too dark. At some point the pink puffs like clouds. Some texture here and there but always to have a flowing or curving feel to them. 

The practice/ warm-up to our lesson, (and the students' display of drawings),  was: 
a) blind contour drawing close ups
b) continuous line drawing of blossom close ups
c) continuous line drawing of a scene
d) quickie color sketch of just those negative and positive shapes

In this case the last exercise ended up as the final drawings. We were really short on time and had to rush. ....Hmmm - a sunset happens fast, as fast as an animal in motion. Too fast to draw in motion. Perhaps one can consider rushed circumstances from that outlook!

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