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Monday, April 1, 2019

Fairy Tale Papercuts - kings, queens, princesses and princes - paperdoll chains, 4/1/19

Hans Christian Andersen, a master of storytelling and author of fairy tales, also made fantastic papercuts. In honor of his birthday on April 2, (I think), we do this enjoyable project. Easy to get mixed up in doing it, but that is ok because however you do it, you'll have fun doing it.

Here we use a sheet of copy paper folded in half the long way.
Cut this paper in half along that fold.
Place both long pieces together as neatly matched as possible.
Fold them in half, and in half again. (I may or may not show pics for this part later...). For now, think of it as a puzzle to chew on!
Draw a king and a queen, one half body for each, with their midlines along the left and right folds.
Make sure they stay connected across the panel and along the folds. (Holding hands in the middle of the panel).
Now cut them out through the paper thickness. You will be cutting away a lower area of background below the handholding connection. And you will cut away the area around the figures above their handholding connection.
When you open this up you should have x figures on each strip. (Edited re the number of figures...they are less than I'd thought, and I have not figured that out yet!)
I put a set together and made a crown of it for myself. Maybe later I'll take a pic of that to show.
Students made background pieces and attached their figures.
Of course if you want, decorate these paperdoll chains. Endless possibilities here. The cutaway sections also make good shapes for long decorations.

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  1. I edited above because I learned today that I was wrong about how many figures should be on a strip. I don't have proper answers yet!