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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Whirley Burley Squirrel Crosses the Road - story, and drawing to color.

Whirley Burley Squirrel Crosses the Road

Whirley Burley Squirrel cannot find any more acorns around his favorite oak tree.
He sees many more trees on the other side of the road. Whirley Burley Squirrel wanders further around and across the big lawn to a curbside by the big area of tar paving. It is the road. He sees a couple of squirrels and some crows across the road too.

Whirley Burley Squirrel puts a foot off the curb onto the paving when suddenly a loud rumble and a rush and roaring of wind fly past him. He tumbles over from the vibration and runs back across the lawn to safety. It gets quiet. He returns to the curb and sets off across the road.

Suddenly he feels vibration underneath and then that same loud noise. This time it is dark all around overhead, with the noise so loud and passing right above him. Again he tumbles and manages to run back across the lawn to safety. He had been underneath something as it passed over him, just missing him.

Whirley Burley Squirrel  waits  and watches. Now he sees what makes those loud sounds and rushes of wind. It is cars and trucks. Just before he sees them, he can feel the traffic vibrations through the ground under his feet.

When it gets quiet and still, he tries again to cross the road.
This time he makes it across safely. And, he can feel the sound and airblasts behind him when another wave of cars passes.

Whirley Burley Squirrel  meets the other squirrels, whom he had  seen from the other side of the road. And, he finds  some more acorns. There are so many more trees and acorns on this side. Whirley Burley Squirrel had found extra food and new friends. And, he had learned how to listen and feel for when it would be safe to cross the road.

Written by Catinka Knoth on 3/23/14

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