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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

10 Leprechaun story ideas, for St. Patrick's Day and a leprechaun drawing to color

Leprechaun making hats, line drawing to color, C.K. 3/5/14.

1) Leprechaun follows a rainbow to check his pot-o-gold and finds himself in the Land of Oz - all green. 
2) Leprechaun wakes up one morning and finds he himself is all green, with envy.  
3) Leprechaun is busy working on making some hats for his buddies when a visitor interrupts his work and his plans for the day. 
4) Leprechaun settles down for his favorite green drink and spills it all over his green suit and new shoes.  
5) Leprechaun notices someone is watching him in preparation to make a move to catch him.  
6) Leprechaun goes out in search of his buddies to give them hats he made, but has a hard time finding his buddies.  
7) Leprechaun wants to have a very special book to read, especially for his evening hours.  
8) Leprechaun wants help writing a letter to a very important person.  
9) Leprechaun sets out to learn how to make bread.  
10) Leprechaun gets caught!

Catinka Knoth, 3/5/14
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