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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Soren Squirrel argues with a Cat - coloring page and 10 squirrel story ideas.

10 squirrel story ideas. 3/19/14, C. K.

1. Squirrel goes in search of 10 kinds of nuts and acorns and seeds, inspired by a page from a nature guide he had  found.

2. Squirrel buries his loot, but forgets where everything is hidden .  

3. Squirrel is followed by a pair of crows and a bluejay in his nut finding hunt and burying. 

4. Squirrel argues with a cat and scolds him a long time. 

5. Soren Squirrel chases Sonya Squirrel,  who he likes. 

6. Soren Squirrel and Stevie Squirrel chase each other round and round, up and down the trees, and forget all about Sonya Squirrel, who they had been trying to impress. 

7. Soren Squirrel gets soaked in his leaf nest one rainy night. 

8. Soren Squirrel sets out to learn from the birds about their nests. 

9. Soren Squirrel builds a better nest. 

a)Soren wants to show Sonya his new nest. He is anxious about this. 
b) Soren cannot wait to show Sonya his new nest. 

a) Sonya Squirrel is very impressed with his new nest. 
b) Soren shows Sonya his new nest. She likes it 
c) Soren shows Sonya his new nest. She is very impressed.

C.K. 3/19/14

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