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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

25 St. Patrick's Day Art Lesson Ideas - March ideas lists, CK, 3/11/14

1) paper cut patterns of Shamrocks
       for cards
       for repeats
       tried in different aspect ratio recangles
   2) Celtic patterns
   3) Quickie illustrations for existing stories
   4) Create Poem & illustration

   5) Make up a story - illustrate or do vignettes for

   6) Rainbow lessons

   7) Greens lessons -
       different greens as found in pallette or crayon box, etc
       explore how to mix greens using yellows and blues

   8) Greens landscapes
   9) Irish scenes & landscapes

   10) Irish Calligraphy - letter a proverb, or quote

   -----------------  More??--------
   11) Book Illumination - ie. Book of Cells

   12) Stained Glass window design

   13) Irish Castle

   14) Irish dragon, gargoyle, serpent

   15) Stone works & buildings
   --------------- 5 More???
   16) Shadow boxes for above art lessons
           colored pencils

   17) Irish poets & poetry    
   18) Cards
   19) Irish & Celtic myths - illustrate
   20) Leprechaun stories  - illustrate
   ----------- and, 5 more?
   21) Leprechaun profiles folded papercut
   22) Collaborative story illustration set - divy a srory into x number of scenes.    Each person does one they have randomly selected by lottery draw.        Compile for booklet, slideshow, display, video
   23) Make quickie puppets and act out a story
   24) Leprechaun jokes?
   25) Make some paper hats - use cardstock, decorate the hat band w celtic    designs, shamrocks..

Each time a new idea pops up the challenge becomes to see if one can come up with a set of five more idea

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