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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Chippy Chipmunk Goes to the Store.

Chippy the Chipmunk found a bag of grain in the back of a truck . He has been taking grain for days. One day the truck goes to a store, with Chippy in it. Chippy and the grain sacks get unloaded into the store. The sack leaves a trail of grain. Chippy comes out that night, after a day of fright and upheaval. He scurries around the store looking for an escape - but finds no way out. He is trapped.

Next day someone moves a box and sees Chippy. They are both frightened to see each other. Chippy takes off running around the store with people chasing him. He finally finds his way to a quiet storage room. There he curls up to sleep and hide out in a pile of burlap sacks in a box. He had had to chew his way into the box.

The next day the box gets loaded onto the same truck that Chippy had come in on. The box then gets unloaded back where Chippy first found the truck. Chippy, who had been in the box all this time, creeps out of the box when everything is quiet and still. He is home again!
Catinka Knoth

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