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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Windows of sorts on my walls

Last night in online zoom sketch session I was having a grouchy time with my digital devices. The phone flipped from landscape to portrait mode as I was drawing, but double insult was that I could not tilt it back. I had not touched the phone - it had been sitting in the little phone holder/tripod. I had been drawing from the tiny image showing in the phones screen, while drawing in my tablet device. As I tried to right the phone, my tablet stuff slid off my lap to the floor. I left the session then in such a mood of frustration over all the little ‘insults’ these devices seem to constantly barrage  us with. I signed out and managed to smooth my feathers a bit, and signed back in...

Then toward the end of the session someone asked what was the floral looking stuff behind me. I had no idea. Usually I can’t see that stuff in the evening in a zoom session. I had been so perplexed over why my face was showing so pale and washed out tho the light was not on it, let alone knowing or seeing what was in the background. And I have not been able to look up well as I move around. 

Then I remembered what I thought was showing behind me - a long fantasy landscape painted on a wooden door panel I’d found years ago in my old lower Manhattan neighborhood. Except it was not that at all. It actually is a large painting of a gladiolus single bloom almost floating above land, (ala O’Keeffe ). The painting I had described, sits on top of the nearby bookcase. On my west wall facing me, that I can see, is a view imagined thru pale blue flowing curtains as if to be made of sky themselves. There is a little pond out there. The walls too are sky of sorts. 

Here are pics of these paintings. I cannot hold onto  the phone properly to get these lined up the way I want. But it gives the idea.

And now some of these images refuse to show in the proper mode I’d taken them in. Grrgh...   A Topsy-Turvy world. Appropriate for the times...

Ok, so I ended up downloading the miscreant pics and rotate edited in my phone. It’s ok here now.


  1. Ah - one more insult from our devices ... I wrote a flowy note that I was very proud of, didn't "copy" as insurance before I hit "publish" and since I am unknown to this site, it went POOF into the ether..... lots of love, chris

    1. Oh my - I try so hard to insure against that possibility, and yet it happens. Try to copy paste to my notes app..