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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

More papercut snowflakes, student display, kids' art class, 1/9/18

We got it back to 6 points, or less! It can be so mind boggling to fold the largest square possible in a given rectangle. One must also figure out how to make a precise paper fold working out from the exact corner of the sheet.

Line up the short side of the sheet onto the long side, with the corner being the radius point. Fold back the excess exactly where the short side lies along the long side. Remember, a 'square' has sides of equal length, at right angles to each other.

Paper, however, has physical properties that you must attend to. It does not like to fold against its grain. The grain of paper, its fibers, usually run with the long side of a sheet. So a sheet acts unruly when you try to make it do what it does not want to.

You must hold it in place very carefully as you go to fold your crease. You need to do that against a flat surface rather than up in the air.

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