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Friday, January 12, 2018

Chocolate stovetop pan cookie and papercut snowflakes invention

Sorry, no exact measurements

1 (?) T butter
Two heaping spoons sugar
Dash of salt
3 to 4 heaping spoons of flour
Cocoa powder

Combine butter, sugar, salt
Cream together well.
Add flour, cinnamon, and cocoa powder
Mix well with a fork
till it's like a fine crumb to altogether you line
Splash water or coffee into the mixture.
Just a few spoons at a time - mix quickly
Gather with your fingers until it makes a ball of dough.
You don't want to over mix.
On a piece of parchment baking paper, lay the ball of dough and
flatten it into a large cookie shape.
Break the cookie in anyway you want that you would want to break apart later.
You can do it in pie wedges
You can do it in strips
'Bake' in cast-iron frypan on the stove top that has been preheating.

Use aluminum pie plates as a kind of oven inside the frypan.
Cover the frypan and 'bake' about 25 to 30 minutes.
Remove from heat, cut the cookie shapes while your cookie is still soft, otherwise it could break.
Let it cool before you eat!
And don't eat it all at once unless you have others with you to share it.

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