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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Spooky themed images - my drawings from Sip & Sketch session #26, 10/9/20

Weird carved pumpkins, marionette dancers, Navitas art, close up florals - maybe you can see the water droplets, a skelly  playing guitar, cat in a witch hat, bird house apartments, crazy old typewriter with an octopus, my drawings from Sip & Sketch session #26, 10/9/20, weekly online zoom event hosted by Lisa Jordan and Cindi Taylor. The host presents the series of curated images. Participants draw the images until the timer goes off. They start with short 3 minute ‘poses’, and get longer up to 20 minutes. After each drawing, people show/share their work if they choose. 

I’ve been doing my drawings in crayon, mostly black.

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