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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

October themed sketch session drawings from sip ‘n sketch # 27, on 10/16/20

 My drawings from online zoom sketch class session #27, hosted by Lisa Jordan and Cindi Taylor, on 10/16/20. Some spooky and quirky topics. 

The host curates a set of images for us to draw from - as if they were models in a figure drawing class. ‘Poses’ stay up for predetermined times of increasing lengths. A timer rings when the image’s time is up. Those who choose to, share their work after each image for a group screen shot

I’ve been doing my drawings using a black Crayola crayon, and sometimes some color.

Reference pics, 9, out of order 
  • Spider 
  • Praying mantis 
  • Pumpkin still life 
  • Cinderella coach old car, movie set? 
  • Ugly 3-D pumpkin face 
  • Gothic arches ruins 
  • Pumpkin head girl - paper mache? 
  • Black cat sleeping on brown broom 
  • Orchid sprig - green and violet 

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