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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Presidential Debate #1, 9/29/20

 The debates: I had no intention of paying attention. It was on the radio. I listened to npr news reporters as they waited. And then it started. Before I could turn it off, it got so ridiculous that it was funny. I kept listening just to hear where their voices and tone would take them. People just don’t get it. Wallace was such a bad moderator. You can’t get swept up in an argument w a kid, which is what it was. He had no idea how to stop T. People in these positions are always testing boundaries and pecking orders. This is tv - it’s theater. It’s live. People tune in to see what might happen. T is a master of keeping his audience. I think he made his position stronger. Many People want The person who is in charge. In this case it was him. And that was only because Wallace let go of his chance to be in charge. 

Biden Has a good resonant voice but kept whining whatever he was pitching.
I blame Wallace for not being up to the job. The venue I guess for selecting him
as moderator. Where have all these news people been all this time for not expecting such a debacle?

And now, the perception is that W was favoring B, ie biased.

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