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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Cat & Pig at a messy desk table, mini digital phone drawings, 1/11/19

Somewhere in January there is a day made for inspiring people to clear their messy desks. 

Cat and Pig confront a messy desk table - what will they do? They may need a list of ideas for how the might move on!

I like  this article which may give me some peace of mind on the issue..

Ideas for tackling messy desk table:      1/12/19, 12:19 PM, CK
Not necessarily in priority order.
  1. Take a 'before' picture
  2. Set a timer
  3. Throw everything into a catchall box
  4. Use clear plastic bags to separate or sort the stuff
  5. Cull the garbage you really don't want
  6. Pull out the good stuff and sort that
  7. Make designs and art type pieces out of the trash
  8. Gather the scrap paper and bind up into figures
  9. Inventory of the contents and write it as you go on a piece of paper. Make copies of this sheet one for the box, one for a binder
  10. Keep a running list of tasks related to the box that you'd like to do at some point.
  11. Keep a running list of tasks that you need to do as the next actions.
  12. Write up several two minute next steps
  13. Take pictures of the box contents
  14. Seal up or archive that box - as per Andy Warhol.
  15. Make up a story about the box contents
  16. Turn the whole thing into a story or study or journal entry
  17. Document process
  18. Show off your progress
  19. Commit ahead of time to someone of whatever steps you intend to take and report back after you've done it
  20. Get a buddy to do this with you in person
  21. Get a buddy to do this at the same time  you are doing it.
  22. Try to do something just to improve the situation a little bit
  23. Make a list of such possibilities small improvements you can make. That you are willing to do
  24. Keep a list of what you have done  
  25. Find a way to reward the small steps that you accomplish and celebrate at certain milestones that you  designate ahead of time, or not


  1. This list is so funny! I love how it progresses--seems to morph into a kind of mind trick--of documenting the intention to tackle the desk while escaping the task itself!

    1. Haha - I do find that making as big a list as possible gets me a little motivated. And all the ideas always make me feel well 'armed' or tooled up! So, in this case it was to pad the blogpost too!