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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Penguin collage cards, art class, kids and adults, 1/15/19

Cut card stock into quarters. Color a piece black, (or close enough), with crayon. Good to use the side of a broken peeled crayon. Freehand cut various tear drop shapes from this blackened card. Now arrange on a blank piece of card until you see something resembling a penguin. Remember that some penguins have big white bellies. Stare at your arrangement or keep moving the pieces until a penguin shows up. It seems your mind eventually lets you see invisible edges - it fills in the blank for you! And if it doesn't happen - just make an arrangement you like. Then stick the pieces down. (Use whatever!)

You might try just drawing one of these freehand by coloring in the shapes into the imaginary outlines. That's always a good practice to work at even if you don't like it. It helps you look at things differently and keeps you flexible!

I find these beautiful - these black shapes against the white grounds.

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